Dr. Fauci is still warning me and others that I am killing the united states. This has got to stop.

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TekkieChikk, we've been doing the same thing.

I started to hear rumblings about a virus the end of December of last year, and when I started to look for face masks/hand sanitizers/Lysol spray the beginning of January back then and finding none on the shelves I knew this was going to be serious.

Then the virus was copying the same timeline as the pandemic of Feb 1918 to Apr 1920. Around 675,000 Americans had died back then, and the numbers now are climbing close to that pandemic. What was it, 4000 deaths on yesterday alone :(

I lost two great friends to covid-19, I am sad and angry at the same time because all of this could have been prevented or stopped in its tracks if taken seriously earlier on.... [sigh]. It is what is is. Be safe :D

My husband and I are the same- no church or eating out since March 2020. We get our groceries using Walmart curbside pickup. Amazon for other things. This is our choice.

We choose to wear a mask when getting take out or the few times we're forced to go into a store... even though PA "requires" a mask, stores don't enforce it for the most part and it's not uncommon to see many people not even attempting to wear one, not even with it pulled down from their nose (also see a lot of those).

We choose to forego family gatherings for the sake of protecting others since I still have to go into my work building (a post-secondary vocational school with students back full-time in person) when I can't remotely fix something. Lord knows what kind of germs I'm exposed to even without the COVID threat.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were quiet affairs... we shared our food with my dad but saw no one else.

I haven't seen my brother since the last nice day in the fall when we were gathered outside. I miss him and his fiancee terribly, even though we text and call each other regular. It's just not the same.

I miss my best friend and our craft and gab sessions so much. She is at home with COVID now, two weeks and still feels terrible with fever. I pray every day she will be spared having to go to the hospital.

I heard Dr. Fauci say right before Thanksgiving, when he was imploring the nation to reconsider traveling and family gatherings, that it is better to forego one Thanksgiving so you can enjoy many more. Such wise words.

We will get through this. This is just temporary.

New Orleans is now modified phase 1.

I commented earlier on this thread that my husband’s co worker and his family has COVID.

They got together in a large group for the holidays. Our mayor and governor has repeatedly asked us not to gather in groups.

Two of the family members have died today.

It breaks my heart.



This reminds me of the movie a couple years ago... Mr White vs the Sectors..

Following It's Path To Destruction...
So, in a nearby city... we are over whelmed in the ER with covid and non-covid patients..
where I am at, a month ago, sent their COVID victims to the nearby city hospital... now they are over-whelmed...covid and non covid people.. PEOPLE.. VICTIMS,, PEOPLLEEEE --- PLEASE ----
hospital closest to me is not capable to handle they tell these patients to go to the other hospital...
I heard the MERCY = NAVY =Ship is coming back to Port..
Seriously my friend's cousin got covid around 4 months ago... He has had ongoing physical issues... So DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY... when you know someone who knows someone, who is related to someone, who is LOVED BY SOMEONE.... WHO IS DIEING OF COVID.... PLEASE REMEMBER ... THIS COULD BY YOUR ;;; LOVED SOMEONE ;;;; Someone You Love..

really not that hard..unless you are running a marathon... Just ..try to keep it near you in case you run into someone who is not wearing one... not that hard... Ok, so you are like me.. you get a few more "steps" in when you have to walk back to your car to retrieve the mask from your rearview mirror... Yup, I have more steps in retrieving my mask from my car...

I am still very concerned about my cousin who is in the hospital with COVID-19.

He is receiving breathing treatments every few hours.

Covid must be taken seriously.


So very sorry for the loss of your father.

COVID-19 is dreadful and has caused so much pain and anxiety for families.

May your dad Rest In Peace.


So happy that you tested negative to your exposure.

I am grateful that my husband is working remotely as he goes through his treatments for prostate cancer.

Occasionally, he does have to go into the office and it’s always a concern. Positive cases have been reported within the company.

His company is following proper protocols but the problem occurs when employees are not at the office and do not wear masks or social distance.

We are going to see the 'end' of COVID sooner rather than later and I often wonder what our takeaway will be? Were we idiots or good citizens who care about others?

COVID is real, it doesn't kill 'many'--but it's new and scary.

Having been exposed 3 times, but testing negative each time has added to my stress level--and this coming right after I went into remission for cancer just seemed mean on the part of Nature.

MY DH is not buying into the whole 'horror show' but does wear his mask every where and does travel for business. I don't support that, but I am glad he's not home driving me nuts.

All my kids and grands have HAD covid, so I can now hang out with them. Yeah!I hope to get a vaccine soon, DH really needs one and may get it this month.

We do long car rides (which I personally hate) I read a lot, craft and go for walks. I miss my neighbors, but I can go to church, socially distant and masked up. I don't think we will EVER go back to handshaking and our pastor has said the hand sanitizer machine is STAYING, post pandemic.

Poor Dr Fauci--he is either vilified or praised. Can't win.

This too shall pass. Aren't we glad we didn't know how awful 2020 would be??

WE CAN FIGHT THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD'S ENEMY -- COVID 19, 20, 21, or whatever the new components are ..


I HAVE THE ABILITY TO WEAR A MASK :) :) :-} :-+}} :-- () ) ... and hide my blemishes... AND A CAPE.... I WANT HALLOWEEN BACK.. AND ALL THE CANDY THAT GOES WITH IT... I SHALL WEAR A MASK... and if I can find my cape... if not, I can use a sheet like Charlie Brown did,, with all the holes in it for a ghost... whatever.. I can be the masked Ghost !! or ZORO !!!

Can someone really want to create an idea that is "not real", and sew the seed of doom to destroy the people who are weak physically? Is this sick or what?. And you know people who are affected by it, and someone can actually say, "THIS IS FAKE NEWS"? Until you know someone who had passed away;

It's almost the equal to: SIX or 8, PEOPLE FROM KEVIN BACON... You mention a person, and then... down the Line.. You connect the dots to Kevin Bacon ...
and some people say... it's thinning the herd... and if your LO is in that herd? Oh well? NO.... If your friend is in that herd, and you know their family is affected, wouldn't you want to do your part and try to isolate the disease, and do your part, AND WEAR A MASK? STAY AT LEAST 6 FEET FROM PEOPLE OR FARTHER? really, is it that difficult? Ya, maybe, if I was A SUPER SPREADER...

I WOULD RATHER BE A SUPER HERO & WEAR A MASK... and cape :) and walk distally with a friend... and hopefully not wander back within their personal space of 6 feet. I have a habit of not paying attention sometimes to that spacial spot of personal space when pacing with someone special while walking our special pets that need their special walks in the park with their special pet friends chasing squirrels, that are showing signs of aggression towards humans, and attacking them randomly, while roaming near the humans door bell video cameras... ??? huh? too much to delete...
So, now I am randomly writing weird things, weirdly...
watch out I might wear my squirrel cape. what cartoon, bullwinkle?

Isthis, I'm so sorry about your father.

Charliesue, I think that you have not met anybody that has buried a loved one because of Covid, I guarantee that my dead father is proof that Covid is real and it kills.

I don't personally think that we should be fearful of it but, we should use our heads and do what we can to protect the vulnerable.

Oh, by the way, he was infected by the frontline workers in the hospital, they apparently have people in their ranks that think hand washing is to much to ask.

Your ignorant attitude is gut wrenching for those of us hit personally by this pandemic. I pray that you don't have to deal with the reality by losing a loved one.

If it makes you feel better, I have not ate at McDonalds in years. The last time I went, they changed chocolate shakes, put whipped cream and a cherry on it. Who wants to put fries in whipped cream, right? As for other restaurants, I did some consulting for "the place," I dont know if I can ever eat out again after what I saw besides this mom and pop Indian place. Just disgusting. As for church, according to the Bible, is it not the people, not the building?

Everyone has choices, they always have. I do not know if you have ever been in a woman's restroom but alot of them do not wash hands, pretty nasty really. I personally find some of Fauci's advice to pretty much be common sense. I do feel at times he is a little hypocritical and condescending but that is just me.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something special as long as you protect yourself.

Two years ago, I was in Amsterdam and visited the tiny place that Ann Frank and her family hid on from the Nazis.

That is what fear is to me.

And the fear that my friend Fred Terna (look him up) felt in Auschwitz.

A pandemic? Very small fear. Take precautuons, even if they are not the most effective and likely you will be safe.

If you have a smart phone, you can order from McD's and pick it up curbside. They deliver wearing a mask and gloves, and you could also wear a mask, or just have them put the bag on the seat of your car. Most places have this. We ordered pizza from Casey's, and the lady brought it out and put in in the back of my vehicle. We do pickup for our groceries at Walmart, too.

Even if you can't go someplace fun, think about taking a scenic drive. Sooner or later this has to end, because it is ruining the economy and lives. You can always come here and "chat" with the peeps. :-)


Very powerful article. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate thought provoking articles.

Everyone should read it. Hopefully, this article will open eyes, hearts and minds.

Oh, happy day when this stinking pandemic is behind us and we can all breathe again.

Barb, the writer who survived the Holocaust makes a great point in saying,

"I understand the fear people have, and I understand you have to take care.
But there is no comparison of anxiety, of the coronavirus, to the terror I felt when I was a child. That was a fear with no boundary."

We can TAKE CARE, live life, and not allow fear to be all consuming over a pandemic with a very, very high survival rate that WILL end. Amen.

Please read this for comparison:

Too bad this thread has devolved into an argument about whether the pandemic is scary or not, and whether masks are good or bad, useful or useless. Masks are somewhat useful, the pandemic is somewhat scary, but the worst thing of all is the level of FEAR that the mainstream media has successfully instilled in a huge percentage of the population. THAT is the saddest thing of all, in my opinion.

Dear Andy, I'm sorry that you've been feeling isolated in your home since last March and unable to eat in restaurants or go to church in person. You are not killing anyone with what you're doing, so turn off the TV or watch some comedies instead of Dr. Fauci.

If you want to get back to feeling like a normal human being again, why not put a mask on, and go out? I've been out and about since the pandemic first started, as PolarBear said, using the proper protection guidance, and everything has been fine. Furthermore, I've been in and out of medical facilities and hospitals, ERs and doctor's offices for the entire time and neither my DH nor myself have caught the virus. We've always used masks, hand sanitizer, and washed our hands regularly.

Life should go on, at least to some degree, during a pandemic without fear being the driving force behind our every move. We can still get take out, go to the grocery store or the mall, and take precautions at the same time. The main thing to avoid is LARGE GATHERINGS where groups of people are all together in the same place, breathing the same air, etc. Like an airplane, for instance, however it's perfectly 'safe' and 'fine' to travel on an airplane with a couple hundred other people if we'd like to. But the local restaurant is out of business because it's 'not safe' to eat there. Go figure.

Stop imposing such a strict quarantine on yourself and go thru the McDonald's drive through TODAY!!! You owe it to yourself to get that one little joy back in your life, right?

Wishing you all the best.

My husband’s company policy is that all positive cases of COVID-19 must be reported immediately.

My husband just got a phone call from an engineer that works for him that he, his wife and several family members have tested positive for COVID-19.

They didn’t listen to our governor’s advice on not gathering in groups. None in the group wore masks or practiced any social distancing.

The mother in law is now in the hospital with severe symptoms of COVID-19.

The 93 year old grandmother just tested positive and is hospitalized and not doing well. The mother also tested positive.

The engineer on my husband’s team is married with two young children. So far the children are okay but they are keeping a close eye on them.

I wish people would listen to the advice given by our governors and the medical professionals in our communities.

Lives would be saved if people weren’t foolish and selfish.

One cannot blame their selfish behavior of not complying with regulations on ignorance.

People have been screaming protocols from the rooftops for a very long time now. The number of deaths from COVID-19 are reported daily.

Health care workers have worked endlessly fighting to save lives. We owe them so much respect and gratitude.

Everyone is tired of restrictions and want to live a normal life but for now we must be as careful as we can be for everyone’s sake!

We are in the final stretch. We can do this!

For anyone not believing the statistics, may I recommend that you speak to front line workers who watch people die on a daily basis, speak to a coroner or a funeral home director or go for a stroll in a cemetery or mausoleum.

I hardly think that there are imaginary dead people buried in the cemeteries!

Stay safe, everyone! Wear masks, social distance and please don’t listen to the deniers.

Charlie, I am so happy for you that a world-wide pandemic isn't a scary event.

I am certain that you were a wonderful soldier!

All fear driven; any of us can say anything, but none of it proven.....

Hahaha. MAYDAY! Wish you could post a pic of your fancy cape.

I am going to picture you as Wonder Woman!

Thanks for the giggle.

I am kind of tired of correcting the mis information that masks don't protect us.
YES, masks DO INDEED protect US. I won't go through all the ways but will again post the FDA information. You are at least 40% safer with a mask on if exposed in close proximity. SO THE MASK WORKS BOTH WAYS. It protects others and it protects YOU. We have already done this before. Guess what, when you have TB and we nurses enter your room with N95 on we are protecting US from YOU. Not the other way around. See link below. I no longer wear my mask anymore for the sake of others at all. I wear it solely to protect myself. I wear a regular mask when outside walking. I wear an N95 to shop for groceries.

If you really want to make a statement,,, wear a cape..Only because it looks cool.. I don't think capes really do much... but as someone said,, this life is short,,, never know whats going around the corner...
LIghten up... and wear your funky best costume ever that you can think of...
I am going to grocery store tomorrow... I will think of something fun to wear...


yup...sometimes keeping safer is easier said than done....
seeing the urgent care lines in a lot of urgent care facilities wrapping around the buildings.. some people brought their own camping chairs to sit in,, outside, as they are waiting.
my friend said their family had to make an appointment at urgent care a few days ahead... that makes sense.
another facility said : sign in.. we will call your cell phone 10 minutes prior to you being seen.. be sure to be back in the waiting room within 10 minutes of phone call. makes sense, at least you don't have to wait in a long line with a whole bunch of people...
and you could call, make sure your insurance covers anything. If you have a temperature, they have to test you for covid... You see on the news, here at least... 1 out of 5 people are testing positive for COVID... My friend's sister is a nurse... she tested positive.. I asked what symptoms were,..."just cold like symptoms.. but the symptoms were or results were not as drastic as we see on tv.. she had first shot of vaccine, so perhaps, that one shot helped keep the virus at bay... she has a few more days of quarantine before going back to fever... so, if you think this is just a game to play on the people of the WORLD?/?

I really do not want to be sacrificed as a pawn for no reason.
I wear a mask and try to be ZORO.. and fight with a cutting edge!! and anti bacterial gel. A-HA!!
You too can be a Hero and do your part !! :)

Keep safe out there people!

Masks work both ways.
It's just a simple physical barrier. To reduce the transmission of droplets (potentially containing virus) from one person to other. Think of it as a condom for your nose & mouth 😜

Fabric mask better than nothing. Surgical mask better.
N95 most effective (recommended clinical use or very vulnerable people only).

Not all people are carrying the virus of course, but my takeaway is the less spittle I get on me the better!

From joggers, heavy breathers serving in shops, relatives that stand too close etc. Yuk!

I have been exposed multiple times & worked with Covid pos patients too - but masks, eyeshields, gowns & handwashing have prevented the virus entering my body (so far).

If I had to choose only one thing it would be handwashing - to wash it off my hands before I touched my food & ate it or rubbed it into my eye - but a mask would be right behind it to prevent breathing in other's cough or sneeze droplets. Keep that stuff off you.

CharlieSue, I think that people don't understand what a mask does. It stops you from spreading your germs to others. It does not and I have never heard it represented that is stops you from exposure if someone is sick and not wearing a mask.

That is why it is so important for everyone to wear a mask when indoors with a group of people. We don't know who is asymptomatic. So we should all care enough about one another to utilize sound minds and do as we are asked, mask up, social distance and wash our hands frequently. It really is not asking to much.

I dont know about all states but I live in one that is on stay at home orders also. It is tough but if you are able to zoom or go online and attend church virtually. I suggest it. Also zoom your friends and have a game night with them. It can be lonely but online connecting with church, family and friends makes it less lonesome. Be of luck. God willing this will be behind us in the near future.

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