I work full time in NYC so I am gone from 7-7 weekdays. All my “free” time is now spent caring for her. We were supposed to get an aide from Evercare but they can’t find one and said there is a shortage of aides in the area. We have a part time aide that I pay for and I can’t afford to pay a full time aide. I don’t feel equipped emotionally or physically to take this on as my mother is not really mobile. I need some support.

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My mother is already on Medicaid but Evercare can’t find an home aid in this area. My finances are not being affected but my life is. We are not getting the help promised by Evercare. She doesn’t need a full time aid. I am disgusted with the whole system and how Evercare lied to us. We have two people from Good Sam that will come in twice a week to bathe her and do,physical therapy. The PT seems to have a good affect since she is now able to move about more with the walker.

Laurie, you say you don’t want to put Mom in a facility, but you are fast approaching burnout. You need to sit down with yourself and decide where you want your life to go—in which direction. Do you give up your life and finances for Mom, or do you place her in a facility and take your life back? File for a Medicaid on her behalf. As she gets worse, you won’t be able to leave her alone at all. Then, what?

Mom lives with me in my home. I don't want to put her in a nursing home or assisted living. Evercare promised us an aide for 37 hours a week and at the last minute, told us they couldnt find an aide. apparently there is a shortage in the area. Evercare is a nightmare.

I am going to try and change to Fidelis because my mom's part time aide, that I pay for, has it for her husband and they are very happy with them.

It's very frustrating because we have done everything we can but Evercare let us down.

Thank you for answering me. I appreciate it.

Has your mother had "needs assessment" from the local Area Agency on Aging? Does she need full time care?

Are you living in her home or yours?

Is there the ability to move her, say, to Assisted Living, if her needs warrant that level of support?

What are your mother's infirmities, aside from lack of mobility?

Is there Adult Day Care in the area?

I'm sorry to ask so many questions!, But more information will get you better support.

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