I told her this morning if she hadn't been such a hypochondriac all of her life, people would take her more seriously. And she needs to tell the Drs and nurses what she tells me. I have always told her that. That and I am not a nurse or a dr.

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Dear Lostinthemix,

I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is. I always felt like my mother was crying wolf and then god forbid one day she really does need me and I brush her off. Its very hard to manage.

My father was the opposite. Rarely saw the doctor and when he did, he got the worst one in the world!

I know its hard to find the right balance. Have you considered talking to a social worker or family therapist? I've lost all patience with my mother. Now when she wants to tell me something I say now what? I know its not right and there must be another way. But I'm like you a lot and there is hardly anyone else around who will even step in and support me.

I hope you can get some respite. Thinking of you.

Yes she has dementia. She was diagnosed years ago with Alzheimers but it seems it is in full swing now and I am having trouble with it all. No help from her other kids and very little too none from the medical "professionals".

I can't remember what MIL's main condition is. Does she have dementia?

I meant no disrespect but when she tells me she's dizzy, shaky, but can't remember she needs to use her walker and doesn't pass this info along to the professionals, it is a little frustrating, like I am making the whole thing up. Today she told me she couldn't see and that caused her not to be able to breathe? And her cat was affected by it also. Scratching my head all the time.

Mother has been a hypochondriac all her life. I thought it was normal. I don't think she has many internal organs left...oh wait, her gallbladder and we have all sworn to each other we won't tell her she hasn't has had it out.

My WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE was spent in servitude to a woman who was too sick to get out of bed 80% of the time. Now she is truly incapacitated, she is regretting all those years lying in bed and missing out on anything.

Dad tried and tried to get her some psych. help but she refused every time. It just is what it is.

More surgeries that I can count. Weekly trips to the ER for shots for migraines, sometimes up to 4xs a week. Always had an ACE bandage or neck collar on, or crutches or a cane....her slide into her 80's was barely noticeable.

In truth, she's NEVER had anything serious, except for meningitis which was 55 years ago.

It makes the 'not sick' person seem uncaring. We all just got used to her malingering and ignored her. So sad.

Lostinthemix, both my Mom and I were hypochondriacs, and so is my sig other and his grown daughter. Any time one watches TV there is another darn commercial for pills or shots for this or that, thus the psychosomatic urge creeps in.

This isn't an easy condition to put a stop. One has to stop on their own. I finally did but it was because my elderly parents were going to the doctors way too much, I just didn't want to see another waiting room :P I've taken the "whatever" approach when it comes to my own doctors and care.

I keep telling my sig other that his once in a blue moon headache is not a brain tumor... [sigh]

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