My husband is being abused by his putrid adult children who hate me; also they abuse me. They have broken the law by breaking into my storage unit and placing their own padlocks on our doors, and I believe they broke into my personal storage unit. They seek to make me look as bad as possible; I am just recalling how that monster accused me of not giving him his medicine because there was a large supply of his meds in our car, while he was in hospital. Yeah--because he was in the hospital, taking the meds there, instead of his outpatient meds, and he was in there for 4 months, and the VA typically sent way more than was needed and then sent refills. They sent it out-of-proportion to his needs, too: His lantis/glargine was what they should have sent more of, since he got 30 units per day, vs. the 2-4 or 6 units of the aspart or nph--yet they sent tons of the little bottles, and we never used those up within a single month's time. That bitch had no right at all to invade my storage unit, and I want that evidence excluded at the hearing. I had unfortunately saved the bottles, too, from before I moved in with him, which were in the dozens because he had refused to use insulin at all until he had an episode where he nearly got into a car accident because he was at 600 on the meter. I save things instead of throwing them out, can't help it. But Bitch will make it look like I didn't give him his meds. I need someone who is a veteran to verify that that VA typically sends more rather than less meds, so I don't look like I am the bad guy.
I find this whole thing miserable. My hair is falling out all over my body and eyebrows. My husband and I want to live together, but his filthy kids have hated me always because I am Jewish and white and they are hispanic and the kids are catholics. My husband and I attend the Presbyterian church, and sadly I ought to have gotten him to go to a synogogue, maybe I could met some lawyers there. I am more depressed by the minute thinking of how all the surface appearance makes me look bad--my husband needed new dentures a year ago, and I told him so, while he hadn't thought so. Damn him for his stubborness, because now I know it will be used against me. He wanted to get a new pair in Mexico where he got them last, because he got them cheap, or to go to a woman he knew years ago--except she wasn't there anymore, we never could get in touch with her, and his stupid ugly bitchy daughter is at fault for my husband's passport being misplaced --it is jammed all the way into our storage unit. We coild not go to Mexico, and the VA informed us that we could not get him dentures there, not for free, or even at any price, discounted, or even full price, because the dentures were for %100 ratings only. Now I look bad for that too, and that is unfair. His evil kids are crazy; when my husband and I were evicted, Bitch and her evil insane then-boyfriend Pig invaded our apartment and bullied and abused me and would not leave. Pig had printed out some old pics I had on a forgotten and neglected website where I was in a bathing suit and low cut dress. I had only been with my man for a year, and had not thought about that site as a dating venue (MySpace, and also Facebook, which were both created originally as singles meeting places, and in those days, required you to list your hotness value, status, etc. I barely met anyone via MySpace and noone via facebook, because by that time I had all but given up internet dating. Yet Slime-o Pig had printed out these pics, then showed them to my new husband ( since we married the day before), and my husband could have collapsed and died of a heart attack --yet these filthy pigs might well get their way and steal him away from me. I see how they could use everything against me and that is unfair. Pig was abusive; when I was crouched on the floor, crying and screaming for them to go away and leave me alone--because at that point I felt like I was a child again with a schoolyard bully tormenting me. He was skipping around, pacing nearby me, I felt trapped and like he would make physical contact at any moment, which was the point, it was meant to be intimidating. He actually told my husband that before he and Bitch came in, I had a man in my bedroom, who jumped out the window!
They will win and I will lose because they have money and they will get away with being bullies. My husband put himself in their hands when he went to get our car back and now the hearing is in less than half a month. Meanwhile, he is being brainwashed by them into believing that I am having sex with other men when I have not. Why did he have to weaken our case? We were homeless for 2 and a half years because he was too stubborn to move to Santa Ana, or Long Beach, or Anaheim and we lost our section 8 voucher. I tried to find us a home and he is at fault. Our lives are ruined because we trusted the putrid bastards at the Long Beach VA. The social worker went behind our backs and contacted hsi

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multiple times my husband told them that he wanted ME to be his caretaker and not to involve his kids, yet they wore him down and finally usec thanksgivng to trick him into agreeing to see him, and they used that to steal our car and our money and because my husband wanted our car back, he went to their house, and fell into the rat trap and now a week later I receive the notice. Those bastards. The police would not help us get our car back and they did more illegal things.

So if his evil kids “love” him so much, why did they not help us, when we were at the Armory every night—because in their pretense to care about him, they stated that many times they tried searching for him—without success, because I guess his Jewish wife is a golem and can disappear magically? Because they are lying and never tried to look! Where do you search for homeless people? At the usual hangouts; or what about our church? Or considering that they had copies of our debit account, the restaurants we ate at almost every night? They lie to make me look as bad as possible. But my thinking that a judge might actually believe me because I am telling the truth and they are lying is futile. Since when am I ever believed? Bullies always get away with hurting me. I can’t afford a lawyer. I must try to talk to one who helps veterans. Stupid VA won’t help vets only those still serving. VA is horseshit. I will sue that putrid social worker. Why did they pursue taking my husband away from me, when the meeting they had with other psychs said that there was an ethics issue with what they were planning? At least I can show that, or supoena that one who said it.

his putrid kids despite our saying no--she finally tricked my husband into saying yes, by getting him to agree to a thanksgiving meal--I was never told a thing about it, she actually kept that from me--what did she think was going to happen? She gave me no heads-up at all; was I expected to have a heart attack when they showed up? Because i would have, considering their prior abuse to me. On the following Monday, the Pig/Bitch clan arrived and the social worker got my husband to sign papers to allow then to take our car away, despite my needing it to sleep in and having my personal items, my purses, backpacks, textbooks for my classes (finals were coming up, and because of this I could not do them and begged my 4 teachers for Incompletes), my makeup my personal items my underwear my clothes my diamond wedding ring. The social worker wrote in her report that Bitch "agreed to support" me financially. I think that was phony on both sides. Either Bitch outright lied, or stupid Social worker wanted to cover her ass and have it down as a tacit agreement on paper--because it was not binding at all. Of course, after they took our car, did they leave my personal belongings where I could get them? Did they leave me money for a motel? Did they leave word or a letter at all with anyone at the VA or with the Social worker? Oh hell no, I just discovered it when I arrived back at 1 am and my car was gone. I knew who stole it, went to my husband, who replied, "You were going to keep me in here forever! You were sleeping with other guys!" I lost it and spoke sharply to him, and of course the damn nurse wrote down what I said, which will likely be used against me.
After I got my husband out--because I realized that the next step on their agenda would be to have him sign divorce papers, which he would not remember, because he did not recall giving her our car. He also didn't recall giving her control over our bank account, which then froze more than $2500, and when his money for December came in, $4500, which we could not use for room and board. The social worker and pysch knew full well that they intended to file for conservatorship because that is in the records--and they delayed us from discharging him because they were behind the scenes in contact with Pig and Bitch. We could have left, I'd planned for us to rent a room, or even a motel, and they delayed us just so Bitch and Pig could have my husband sign papers letting them cripple us financially--using the cold weather and deprivation as extortion. They knew we were minus any funds for room and board and they left us to suffer in the cold freezing weather (2012 Southern California had temps in the 32 degrees F, my husdand could have gotten frostbite and gangrene again).

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