Last night, I noticed that my husband had left his oxygen off for over an hour!

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He has COPD and emphysema, and I went easy on him for awhile and let him take his oxygen tubes off to go to the restroom, then he took it off to go to the kitchen. Well, last night he never made it back in the livingroom to put back on the oxygen for over an hour. I said some stern things and said I couldn't go easy on him anymore. He had to wear it all the time., Restroom and all. Well, within 30 minutes, he went to the restroom and took it off! I couldn't believe it. He says he forgot, I don't think so. I think he finds every opportunity to take it off in hopes that I might not catch him. So, I am not giving up, cause he needs this oxygen! I am even more watchful of him, but not saying much. Because if this is part of his dementia, I have to be more vigilant.

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Just what you needed, right? Something else to watch out for. The first thought that came to my mind is perhaps the cannula is uncomfortable for him? is the hose long enough to reach without pulling? Has this become a game for him? To see if you notice? Ask the doctor how long he can go without it before there is a problem. You might find some peace of mind if he can safely go an hour without. You don't have to tell your husband that it's ok, though. Just for your own information.

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