Husband had a stroke and needs help.

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It was four days ago. He had a repair to his heart valve. Got a blood clot hours after the operation. He will go to rehab in four to five days hopefully. This is so hard. I hate to see him so physically and emotionally miserable. But I can't do anything about it.


Oh, Barbara. I'm so sorry. I know that you and your husband never expected this outcome. I hope that he's able to go to rehab very soon. Do the best you can to take care of yourself at this very difficult time. Is there a nearby friend or relative that you can turn to for emotional support? We're here for you on AC, too. Please keep us updated on your husband's condition. I'll be praying for his health and for strength for you.
Oh, Barbara! So sorry to hear this news.

My husband had heart valve surgery severalbyears ago, when he was 50. Best thing they did was put him on antidepressants! Make sure you ask about that.
So sorry to hear the news about your husband. I hope that he does well in rehab and recovers soon. Take care and let us know how he's doing.
Think husband will be ready for rehab in three or four days. Don't know if he will be off feeding tube by then. I really hope so. It's so hard each day. His leg has come back some. That's good. It was a right brain stroke.
Hi there, my dad had a stroke 3 years ago. Two weeks later my mom had a stroke. Three weeks later my MIL had a stroke. It was horrible but I am very well versed in strokes now! Please know that rehab can do wonders to help stroke victims regain their mobility and other issues. It just takes time. My dad at 83 at the time recovered completely - went on to live independently and driving again. My mom and MIL had different types of strokes than my dad so did not recover as well but my mom also had cancer at the time so that was a bigger part of it. She did recover some but was never able to walk again nor my MIL but again, they did get back a lot of function and were congnitively fine. Just had trouble walking and using arm on stroke side. Make sure he's getting good PT and OT and give it time - it took my dad about 3 months of rehab and then he was walking again and a few months later driving! And he has a host of other health issues too. The brain is very resilient. Don't give up hope, read more about stroke rehab and talk to the PTs and OTs. Just give it time and have faith.

I'm sorry to hear about this. My hubby had the same kind of stroke (a PFO--hole in the heart and blot clot shoots through it). We were very fortunate that we got him to the ER fast enough for the clot-busting medication. He had the heart valve surgery a couple weeks later. He had no long term side effects at all, for which we were grateful! He was undergoing chemo for HepC after receiving a liver transplant about a year previously. It just seemed like one thing after another!!

Take care of yourself--(I didn't!!) and you'll be a better caregiver. I don't know your whole backstory, but I do know a little about this type of stroke. I hope he can regain his faculties and come back to baseline. It IS depressing. Hubby did have a lot of that. He's still dealing with it, even though his life was saved 3 separate's a constant struggle. My heart goes out to you.

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