This is ongoing issue. I started a thread two years ago about my NM and seems its come full circle Because of the support and advice I received here-I really thought I was over her what NOT to expect from her. However seems like after this weekend, I seem to be back to these same feelings. I live in another state than the rest of the family. Am here now for a wedding-my niece was married Saturday night. It was so great having the whole family there. I did have a short conversation with her but on the most part we managed to ignore each other. I am so afraid she will say something that makes me mad and I really cant just ignore her. Then I was hurt because for some reason, my immediate family was seated several rows back from the rest and was hurt by why. I did try and not think about that too much-tried to just enjoy the moment. Again during the reception, I tried avoiding NM cause I need she would just rub me the wrong way. I was expecting her to ask when I was going to spend some time with her but surprisingly that didn't happen. Then she leaves without saying goodbye-oh she did t

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