I've been taking care of him. It's bitter sweet cuz I feel Lonely and stressed.
I will be losing him now after caring for him since 2010 . Plus all of our money too . I'm so torn but I cd not go on doing it he was out of control. I had severe burnout and he was no longer able to use bathroom and kept falling and putting all kinds of things in his mouth . Now I waiting to see where he will go and I have Bn running to hosp every day . It's very scary cuz I have Bn with him since 19 years old . I really want h home but everyone at hosp said they don't know how I did it for so long. Very sad . Is anyone se going thru diff decisions like this? My son lives at home but is not much help and he has no fam to speak of . Thx and I will pray for everyone too xo Donna he's Bn diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia but no one can tell me why? he had no stroke or head injury that I know of and he worked at Brookhaven national Labortories if anyone else has anything to share plz do thx so much

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Be thankful you are in NY one of the states that is high spending on care. It will be much better for you to visit him as a friend instead of a caregiver. Hopefully they can find the right medications to calm him down and relieve his anxiety. You are a good and loyal wife.

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