I am the mother that shops

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If you have an over-shopping or over-spending habit, you are probably trying to make up for something missing in your life. Therapy helps, but not retail therapy. Cancel your credit cards. Use a debit card from your checking instead.

You need to make the decision to do this. I foresee big problems down the road if you don’t.

Are you saying that you shop too much or what? Otherwise, it’s not really a problem.

My mom orders on QVC. She isn’t one of the shoppers that speak on the air. She just calls and orders. Sometimes she asks me to order online for her. Does not use a QVC card, uses her regular Visa card. She only orders a few things a year. Certainly isn’t a problem shopper. She can’t get out to shop. She has always enjoyed fashion and her favorite is Susan Graver clothes. They are nice. I buy clothes for her too. She has a better wardrobe than I do!

Not sure what you are asking or saying, can you clarify please.

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