Whenever I bring up respite ideas to mom, it's always met with, "You're just trying to get rid of me!" To which I say to myself, "Well, yes, I sort of am...But I need a break before I lose my mind." (Which is why I chose the image for my profile picture - it demonstrates how I feel sometimes.)

I have a grand plan. Mom doesn't want to attend any senior day programs. She desperately needs to get out of this house (and out from in front of the TV, per a previous post). She doesn't know she needs this, but after having a friend visit, and seeing how she obviously craves the company, I am more certain than ever that social stimulation is crucial, but lacking.

The same organization that provides overnight stays/respite at their facility, also has a day program. The facility has an onsite hairdresser and massage therapy. Sort of a "senior" spa experience. (Believe me, we are NOT wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but a 2 night break seems priceless.) Of course, I am still waiting to verify the cost. I don't know if I can convince her it's a treat for her...

As a bonus in our situation, they also have Transitional Care - which she will need if we move forward with her revision hip replacement. All these experiences together - I hope to get her on board with venturing out of the house, even if only one day per week.

My questions:

1. Does anyone else meet with resistance for respite? How have you dealt with a situation when the person is not immediately on board with this?

2. Do others find that "nudging" someone out of their self-imposed isolation has it's benefits? If so, what benefits did you observe? Is there a downside?

Thanks in advance for your sage advice! I really appreciate it!!!

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