About 5 years ago my sister had to move to Florida to get help from our parents because her husband has mental illness. He is now in a medical facility 2 hours away. Now my parents live in an assisted living home. Mom has Alzheimer's. She was in a nursing home because she broke her hip and had to have surgery. Dad may have Alzheimer's too. My sister was fired from her job and has had trouble finding new work and her unemployment has run out. (she is 60) Today I received an email from her saying she got a letter from her Father-in-Law stating that his wife is in a nursing home and he has been in the hospital and has no one to help them out. My sister's husband has 2 brothers but one is a schizophrenic and the other is mentally retarded. My sister's inlaws live 2 hours away. I live in Texas, am married and have 2 children. I am not working right now although I am looking. My husband is self employed and gets paid sporadically. We have sent my sister money in the past but we are limited to how much we can do. Our oldest will be going to college next year. We have offered my sister to move here with us so she could find work and save money to move back to Chicago which is her dream. She also has a son who is has chemical depression and can't not get a job because he can not go out in public. She doesn't have insurance so he can get on medication. There is so much information on the web that is so overwhelming that I don't know where to begin to look for help for my sister.

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