A quote from: Ethelle Lord, DM "I found something worse than
receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. It is not getting the workforce
trained in time to care for persons living with Alzheimer's whether
at home or in a care center." Ethelle Lord is President

Allow me to share: BTW I have no connection with Pines Education
Pines Education Institute of S.W. Florida
Caring for that special someone is a task that becomes harder with each day. You want to give the best possible care and quality of life, but wonder at times whether there is something you are missing.

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Dave, you address a very important issue. Taking care of a parent with Alzheimers, at whatever stage, is just jumping in the water with scuba gear without having the first clue on how to use it.

Another excellent source is the Alzheimer's Assn. course on Creating Confident Caregivers.

UncleDave, excellent point about having training.

I was so glad I found AgingCare and read all I could about memory loss, just in case I found myself dealing with it with my parents. Sure enough my Mom developed accelerated dementia after a fall where she had hit her head.... it was scary enough seeing her talk and act, I couldn't imagine dealing with it without some type of knowledge. Reading about it and seeing it up close and personal isn't easy. I even passed on that knowledge to my Dad as he was trying to straighten out things that Mom was confused about, and he was getting upset because she wasn't listening.

How many of us would go on a job interview for a job we had not one once of training? Yet society expects us to drop what we are doing and have immediate on-the-job training, but wait there is no one to train us? It's all trial and error, which makes it so very stressful.

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