Need info on how to disable father's car.


My 91 year old father has a very bad heart, but does NOT want to give up his car keys. He's got keys hidden away, so I have to find a way to disable his car. He has a 2005 Buick LeSabre. If anyone out there knows of a way to disable the car so he is unable to drive, I would be most appreciative to have that info. Thanks.

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We ended up having to put "The Club" on my motherinlaw's car. Disabling the car wasn't going to be an option for us because her car was needed to take her places... doctors... hairdresser etc.

You could also remove one of the plug wires so that it won't start.

That's a big concern for many. Find someone handy with cars or a neiborhood mechanic, explain the situation, and have them disable the vehicle. The easiest way is to remove the battery or to be sneaky, just remove one of the cables. Don't just unhook it, he may be able to fix that. You could also disable the starter.

If he complains, play dumb and fake a call to the garage.

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I am sorry to say that you are not alone here. Many caregivers experience this difficult issue when caring for their elderly loved one. Our editors here at wrote an article helping caregivers like you.

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