The last time I was on here when I told of my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Well I been doing great. I been going to the gym a couple of days a week and eating much better in small portions and loss weight and am down two pant sizes. looking for more to lose. taking care of my self is the best policy for me for the long run.In july Im taking a trip out to California I know it will be hard going away for a few days but much needed.

My grandmother has been doing good at the nursing home, but in february I got a call on a friday night from there telling me they had to give her a new medication. I had to ask what it was when I went on my next visit. they told me it was to calm her down from getting aggressive with nurses due to dementia on some visits just getting her out of bed or giving her insulin shots before meals was a challenge even shower day. but now she is calm even when the nurses come in and do what they have to do, no problems. she did finally remember my mom has passed which was tough but still doesn't remember family though no mention of my cousin or her other nieces. she did mention of other relatives whom I never knew because most passed before I was born or her other two sisters who have passed years ago. she does remincises of going shopping in Philadelphia at some old department stores taking the bus over. Also I been doing things with her old house I had replace the gutters, getting a plumber to fix a busted pipe from last winter and finally work on cleaning out the house before going to surrogate court to get approval for selling it.

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Good to hear things are going well for you and thanks for the update. Not many posters come back to tell us how things worked out. Glad you did. Hope things continue to go well for you!

Sounds like things are going well. Yahoo! Keep up the good work!

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