Have been going over the more than 300 pages of paperwork for a stay that my parent had in a rehab center. There are lies throughout this report on such items about weighing the patient, when in fact they didn't have a scale, or the patient needed a hoyer lift to weigh the patient, but they did not have that. Yet, there are reference initials across the pages and you know it could not have been done. You were there daily next to your family member and physical and occupational therapy don't show up but highlight the work they have done in the care plan, and that they discussed this with you and the patient! This is in New York. Just would like to hear all the stories because it is hard to believe what I am seeing.

Hands up.


Thanks for pointing that out. We are in New Orleans and the physical and occupational therapists are terrific. It’s readily available to us.

Wasn’t thinking about a smaller community.

Need, In some rural hospitals there may be limited OT and PT personnel. The sometimes get double booked and can’t be at two places at one time. Or there may be one therapist with a total overload of patients. Small hospitals and rural areas don’t have the same availability of providers that larger cities and larger hospitals have. You’re fortunate to be able to have the facilities and personnel always available.

What do you mean that physical and occupational therapists don’t show up?

When I brought my mom to the hospital after a bad fall I was absolutely clear relating to them that my mom did several rounds of home health that included physical and occupational therapy but I felt that she needed more than home health offers. She needed rehab.

The hospital listened to my concerns and acknowledged her need for rehab. I was extremely fortunate to have an experienced and caring nurse for mom who helped me make all of the arrangements and mom actually started working on preliminary physical therapy in the hospital.

I did have to fill out tons of paperwork at the facility. They helped explain everything in detail to me.

There were scheduled meetings with the social worker and the department head as well as the physical and occupational therapists to update me on my mom’s care.

The facility answered all of my questions and even said it would be in mom’s best interest to keep her a few extra days because she needed a bit more time in therapy.

Mom paid out of pocket for the additional days. Medicare only pays for a limited amount of days.

I was there on a regular basis too. I was told not to visit during certain times because mom would be in therapy.

There is a big gym area at the facility with the equipment used for therapy. No one is allowed to go into the gym. They are working hard and should not be interrupted by visitors. Otherwise there was an open door policy. If I got there a few minutes early while she was in therapy I waited in her room for her.

The therapists are wonderful in their care of working with seniors. Mom has Parkinson’s and they tailored her exercises to suit all of her needs.

One issue with Parkinson’s patients is trouble with mobility and balance. They do specific exercises for each individual.

Wasn’t all of this discussed with you beforehand about the schedule that therapy will be done?

For my mom therapy began around 8:00 in the morning, shortly after breakfast, then a brief lunch break, then back to work until 2:00 o’clock.

They worked so hard! Mom had a great attitude and improved with rehab. She was exhausted after all of her exercises.

I was so pleased that she made an effort to succeed. I told her that I was proud of her hard work.

The therapists push them to make an effort to do their very best but they make sure that they don’t exceed their capabilities.

She made friends there. When she was leaving an old woman was going as fast as she could in her wheelchair so she could catch up with my mom to say goodbye. It was sweet.

Please share what your experience was with your parent.

Care plans are written up ahead of care. They are revised over and over, updated as there are changes in the patient. There can be multiple changes in one day. Something may not be done because the equipment or personnel are not available. PT and OT may not happen because the patient refused the service. Care plans may be drawn up at one facility and not followed by the next facility or the next provider.

I am under the impression that Care plan are worked up before the actual caring is done. When my daughter was getting her RN, care plans were done the day before she saw the patient. I am not a Nurse but therevr members who are.

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