Got my first COVID-19 shot 4/16/21. Next one 5/14/21.

Mom too, she is 89, can barely walk.

Was extremely difficult getting her in and out of Walmart for vaccine.

She has been asking me can we go on a trip to South Carolina....????????

Could not get in car without me lifting her leg.....about 4 times during this trip.

Could not lift left foot to get up 3 steps when we got back home.......

Why is it the elderly refuse to face they are old??????????

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Your age in years means nothing if you can still help yourself.....:)
If you can’t get a drink, can’t navigate without assistance.....then, re-evaluate.
I did take Mom to Walmart for shot. Took me 3 tries to grab her arm and lift her to standing position from chair after 15 minute waiting period after vaccine, for her to grab onto her rollator. A Walmart employee came over and asked if I needed help when I finally got her up on third try. There were 3 people in our post-vaccine waiting area who did nothing.

I am 79 and still don't get that I am old, Arimethea. My daughter is going to be 60 next year. Now THAT'S old!!!!!
I am so glad you are all shot up. And that you were able to get the shot for your Mom, as well. I have mine as well, as does my daughter and my partner. It is good to feel more free in the world.

Dad also has difficulty accepting that he can't travel like before because of mobility issues

Glad that you got your shots.

Thanks for asking about us.

In the midst of mom transitioning in a hospice house. It’s an emotional period for me.

Mom is ready to leave this world to join my dad in the afterlife.

Wishing you all the best. You have been caring for your mom for a long time. It’s the hardest job in the world.

Take care.

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