Continuing... the number one question asked is "How do I get paid as a caregiver". I think opinions and comments on the subject would be nice to share. And they will vary I'm sure from it's unethical to be paid, to yes caregivers should be paid/compensated.

Everyone's situation is different, there are caregivers who have no siblings and no other relatives, parents are financially comfortable, they're taking care of them and the parent simply pays them, and then there are the opposite extremes which are much more common situations from what I've seen, some people have no income, can't get work because they're taking care of even two parents at the same time, they have to live in the parents home and are worry what they'll do when their parents are gone because of the isolation that caregiving brings and no income of their own.

Then there's the folks who fall somewhere in between, a parent lives with them, they're married, one stays at home to care for the parent, but the added cost is hurting the family. Or one takes care of the parent and a sibling or two come in to help, but what about finances? So what does everyone do, how do you financially cope with caregiving? Maybe we can help on this subject with some good ideas for people who are really financially struggling. Is there really any true financial help for caregivers such as compensation, reasonable reimbursement for costs (what is reasonable), or even getting certified in caregiving in some states so Medicare/Medicaid can pay you to take care of your parent? Not offered by all states, but a very good idea I think. I don't think training for some is a bad idea. Anyway, share your ideas and thoughts please.

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