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Thank you Caol & Jeanne. We are going home today. I am more confident about this, I think I was still having a hard time believing my hubby had this operation (very surprising) as we had been to Florida for 2 weeks in April with his 2 brothers & wives. We walked everyday for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. & walk the rails to trails close to home.
I will accept help with yardwork(we live in country & mow 8 acres), food and offers to stay while I shop or go to my club meeting & lunch with galfriends
My Dad & I were playing cards once a week and bingo & lunch another day at Sr. Ctr. 3 miles from home. Hubby always had chores & I think that was his alone time. He has been wonderful to my Dad. I can still drop Dad off as he really enjoys it. Dad gets meals on wheels during week & my sister & her hubby are staying with him & going home later today. They live an hr away but our both retired & steppin up. Dad can't do steps so is with us as we have first floor master with shower. Dad's bed is in living room as he is a creature of habit & before we didn't know if he'd be here on a regular basis. He got divorced(crazy) from 2nd wife & didn't want or need to be alone.
I am more confident today and know I can do this. Thanks Life is good!

Umm ... I'd say probably not, at least not without some help.

Is Dad healthy enough physically and emotionally to be able to be help to you in this difficult time? Could he be left alone with Husband while you run errands? Or is he quite dependent and likely to make caring for Husband harder? What have the doctors told you about the recuperation period? What has Dad been like the 6 months he's been with you?

There is lots to think about here. Please don't take on more than you can reasonably handle successfully. Think ahead for ways you can reduce the workload and the stress.

Take care of yourself! Not only because two men you love are depending on you to be able to take care of them, but also because you are unique worthwhile loving individual who deserves good care!

What is your financial situation? Can you pay a little extra to have groceries delivered? Can you hire the yardwork done? Do you have a housecleaning service/could you get one?

Much depends on your dad's state of health. It sounds like a lot for one person to handle. Try looking into a home health agency to get some help while your husband gets well. Please let us know how you are doing.

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