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Everyone always asks..." How is Mom/Dad ?" We relay all the info and would never think of adding on our own ailments for fear of sounding like a whiner. ( Not like many ever even ask)
We need to vent and complain about our own issues sometimes. Some of us already do. H*ll I posted from my I phone in the ICU. We have all prayed and/or supported several posters with their own health problems. I just thought it would be nice to have a special thread for it. SO......... How do YOU feel?


I, obviously, have insomnia tonight. lol
Boni~While I am not a 24/7 caregiver, my challenges with seeing to my mom's care in memory care while working, being married has been stressful. Overall I feel that I am hanging in there...but definitely need to put more work into the marriage..that brings up guilt issues. I am up because I work 12-9....still unwinding...3 hour time difference.
I just bought my first juicer and am determined to address my various health issues by using one at least daily. A water purifier, air purifier is also on my wish list. It's possible to feel very healthy with food, diet, and exercise, and darn it, I'm going to go all the way, this time.
I need to modify my diet more and increase my exercise while being very limited in what I can do. I'm frustrated! There always seem to be too many roadblocks and not enough time for what I would like to do. Everything takes too long to do. Pretend I'm pulling my hair out here because that's often how I feel.
Thank you, Boni Chak for starting this thread. Looking around for how to help the caregiver with ideas about treating those pesky physical symptoms so we can better care for ourselves when ill, I found this thread. We have : The caregiver, how are you; We have Caregiver burnout ideas, and now we have this thread which I will use to list the symptoms, and other caregivers can answer about what they have used to treat their own symptoms. For example, just a reminder on how we can take care of ourselves can help others so muddled with care concerns to take action before it's too late. We may be avoiding doctors, don't have time or money to devote to our own care. Note: Avoiding medical advice, one can preface their statements with: "When I have a sinus infection, I use...", or, " My doctor prescribed x for me", or, As a nurse, it was often suggested to use...".
It would be nice to have alternative methods also. I agree with others when they know from personal experience that supplements, vitamins, food, diet, and other methods often work better than Rx. What are your symptoms today?
Disclaimer: The comments here are for suggestions and not to take the place of medical advice. This thread will not be used to sell or promote your brand of product.
For years, I did not believe the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Today, I am not sure, but am missing too many days of productivity lying there with overall acute body pains. I need to get better, cause it is getting worse. My aunt was so very reluctant to share about Guafenisen. The other day I found a form right there on the shelf of walmart, like in mucinex. Has anyone used this for fibro pain? Is it considered safe? Is there another source of guafenisen? Has anyone ever heard of using that for fibromyalgia?
Judda, I have steamer pan, juicer, blender, and crockpot. Do I need a wok? When we eat stir fry, there is hardly enough room in the pan. We are going healthy again too! Yay!
I accidentally found a way to drastically reduce my fibro pain. When I was ill and had significantly reduced activity for weeks, I realized my fibro pain was also greatly reduced. Taking guafenisen didn't seem to help. I've maintained my reduced pain by keeping a reduced schedule of activity. I took a hard look at what really had to be done and what I simply preferred to be done to suit my perfectionism. Lots of things had to go because the pain just wasn't worth it.

Any repetitive motions I reduce by alternating hands or arms or I simply don't do if possible. I rest in the middle of tasks that irritate my fibro that most people wouldn't dream of resting during. Ex: toweling off after both a shampoo and shower, styling my hair, sweeping, working with my arms above my head, almost any chore, etc. The rests can be brief. I hope you find answers to fit your life's demands.
Thank you so much Coloresue! I too have to stop between tasks, and lately lifting my arms hurts like never before. I can see that how you do the limiting thoughtfully as an exercise in self discipline, maybe before the pain starts could be helpful, instead of giving up to go lay down, discouraged. It's been hit and miss when cleaning around her. That's why the ants were so hard to get rid of. Wish I could clean late at night without disturbing anyone. I will try your suggestions, thanks for answering!

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