In the past, I've had issues with my grandmother and finding housing for her. In the past two years though, she's been living with my cousin, her niece, and all seemed well.

Then I got a call from my grandmother saying that her niece got a call - possibly from the bank - saying that the house they're currently in will go up for some kind of probation sale because the house is still in her niece's mother's name who passed away about two years ago!! After some questioning, I find it rather stupid that nobody was able to figure out who was executor of her will (but she didn't have a will, so I can only guess the state was handling the estate) and well, I also find it stupid that nobody seemed to know that "Maybe it's a good idea to transfer the name out of my mom's house and into my name" or something of the sort... But maybe cause I'm angry cause I'm already half-way educated on this type of thing...but even after somebody dies, WOULD IT NOT be a smart idea to at least get a lawyer? Or, how could someone in their old age be so naieve as to not have a will or at least tell their children what to expect. Granted, her children are grown, so why did nobody take up responsibility for the after-death terms. She was taken well care of while she was alive at least..

Basically, my hands are in the air. I don't know what to do with someone else's issues. I'm...tired and can't find living AGAIN - especially since it was hard enough to get on the list for assistant living. There's no money for my grandmother to be in a private nursing home. I don't know what to do with this scenario now!

I don't...WANT to do this scenario so..Can I really expect my cousin to have HER family help the both of them since I kind of already did most of the work with my grandmother? I may not be taking care of her physically anymore but at least I got her finances in order FINALLY so she can pay her phone bill and insurances..

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Thanks you guys, at least I'm not alone with my options here. I did already tell them what to do. The best I could have done was say what "Probate" and "house" mean together and that my cousin should really get a lawyer.

Good luck, sorry to hear of this tangle, it could have been avoided.
BTW, you may also want to check if the property taxes have been paid.
It may be worth hiring an attorney to sort it out.

You have my sympathy - but so do the clueless relatives! Life is SOOOO complicated these days. When my parents passed, my brother took care of everything, and I realize I should thank him for that again.

Maybe you could come up with a rough list of what THEY need to do to resolve this. That will save them tons of floundering about. Good luck!

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