My mom was hospitalized for a few days a couple of months ago. Our own doctors do not visit in the hospital any longer. Instead they are seen by a "hospitalist" that is responsible for coordinating care. While the hospitalist may be practical for most patients, they are not for those with dementia. They are no knowledgeable about a patient's condition and rely on being told other conditions and considerations. What is that patient were not accompanied by a caregiver or family member? Most with dementia would not be able to communicate all conditions that the hospital needs to be aware of.


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I think what you say is true, with or without a hospitalist. Mom was just in the hospital for 3 days. We had family members with her 24/7. The nurses appreciated that! Most hospitals are just not prepared to deal with patients who have dementia. I really feel sorry for patients who have no family to advocate for them.

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