My Dad is a retired surgeon with AD. If he is not in a medical facility at least once a week he finds reasons to go. I'm having a stroke/ heart attack/ haven't had a bowel movement in a week/ have suddenly gone blind, etc. etc. The problem is, some of these are life threatening, so the caregiver packs him up, puts him in the care, and takes him to the ER where he is a happy man. Any ideas on how to head off this behaviour? He has had so many xrays, MRIs, echo cargiograms and so on that he is starting to glow in the dark, and the caregiver is exhausted. Thanks

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Ha Ha Ha.... Enjoy the HOSPITAL MERRY GO ROUND... there will be more of it in the future if he lives long into the future... I just wanna cheer you up, though this isn't a laughing matter. I have been on a merry go round myself and I found out it's not MERRY at all. So i blasted the idea of bringing my mom to hospital for every sort of complain that she has... And surprisingly it made my pocket sane and merrier in the many months that have passed. Saved me a lot of stress from trying to finance her unending complaints of aches & pains, diseases, etc etc etc... I told her I simply don't have the funds. Period. Just wait for death to come.. linger on... and enjoy the MERRY GO ROUND til the grim reaper gives my caregiving stress, dilemma, problem it's final answer. Read my profile you'll understand why I am actually smiling about the merry go round... I smiled yet I feel a prick in my heart feeling guilty that I can't fund/finance the merry go round... Read my profile. Hugs to every fellow caregiver out there.

He must be bored silly. And/or he knows SOMETHING has to be wrong with him and he wants it fixed. Is there any way to build in some kind of quasi-medical routine that would keep him interested instead? E.g. go to an urgent care clinic or an adult day care where someone would be willing to check vital signs (maybe for a small fee) and look over anything that was hurting him that day just briefly? If you have POA, you can also specify what conditions would or would not warrant the ER visit if basic vital signs are stable, though any decisions to imit care can be very hard to make. But if you have made them, the caregiver would then not have to respond with the full court press every time that they might otherwise feel legally obliged to do.

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