Hospice killed my mom.


My mother was 68 years old. Her health was bad she was on dialysis.23 hour oxygen and her heart was weak.We all knew she was dying and had known for two years.Mom fought death with all she had.Her doctor on the other hand didn't seem to fight all that hard.He was 9nly concerned with mom stopping dialysis he seemed to be trying to talk my mom into dying but she wasn't giving up.Her doctor knew how sick she was and he gave her med to make her sleep she would fall asleep so easy and she did one night while sitting on the toilet my sister in law talked her into going to the hospital two days after she fell.She was in the hospital one week before she died.she had a black eye and a nasty cut on her head but she was awake alert responsive eating and drinking just hrs before being told her doctor had order she be taken off dialysis a hospice nurse talked her and my dad into in hospital hospice until the time came that her body shut down from not being on dialysis. Hospice was going to make her comfortable until the end we were told she would probably last about two weeks.She was moved from her room to a hospice care room giving a shot of morphine as soon as she got on the hospice floor. She went to sleep five mins later and was dead six hours later she never even got to yell us bye.I feel so guilty for not taken her home to care for her.If oo nly we would've knew about hospice killing off their patients with morphine we would have done things differently. She may have only lived a day without that shot we don't know but I do know I would give anything for one more day with my mom

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also the care? bereavement care? its a look into your life to see that you are satisfied with the care and not going to say anything they are watching you and reading you emotions so they can console you (cover up and mask your true feelings, they make you feel they where there for you when all they did was kill your loved one) they are snooping on you to keep themselves one step ahead, crazy it seems but i am far from crazy its FACT, Sit down and re-examine for a few minutes what actually happened, rebut that!!!!hospice MD

i read on here concerns that hospice killed their loved one, i also read a rebuttal from Hospice MD. this is what they said and i quote "Most people who are in the last 6 months do experience pain and so yes we are aggressive at managing pain because it is not fair to die in pain even if you can not verbalize that you are in pain. The elderly often express pain in worsening delirium which means they see, hear and react to things other people can not see, hear and react to. As you age all your organs age including your stomach and your ability to metabolize medications in your stomach decreases. So giving your loved one more medications actually makes the patients stomach work harder at digesting them t"
now please read this ....
the symptoms of morphine overdose is clear, this so called MD has tried to cover the symptoms of MORPHINE OVERDOSING BY STATING THESE ARE NATURAL SYMPTOMS OF EXPRESSING PAIN. anyone with concerns should call the police , this is murder and nothing else!! listen to your gut feeling, i am in the same place with this and i am about to go give a statement, my loved one was not given 6 months or less to live they gave her Morphine and she was on no pain at all NONE , yes that is right NONE they upped the dose until she couldnt breath and told me they where gong to up it again , i confronted the doctor who looked and acted worried after the death of my loved one i had to keep it together for my family , only now am i strong enough to tackle this head on

Hospice didnt kill my sister but .....My sister basically bled to death at HOME!!!!! She was throwing up blood all night, Hospice came the next day and gave her a suppository ??????????? and left her!! They never came back to check on her, even after begging and pleading from her daughter for some help with symptom control. My sister was freaking and scared to death! It took until that night to get Hospice to allow her to be taken by ambulance (even though they would not help) She was comatose by that time and had lost 80% of her blood volume! She died the next morning in a nasty HOSPITAL emergency room bed!!!! NOT in the inpatient hospice comfortable bed surrounded by loving family that she was promised!!! I am LIVID, HURT, and will NOT shut up about this!!! She deserved better!! They have not once called my 19 year old niece who was her main caregiver, who had to watch her Mom basically bleed to death in their home!!! and she died 2 weeks ago!!! As a matter of fact, they have even ignored calls to come pick up their equipment!! They did not drug her to death, but definitely did not give her any relief at all of these horrible symptoms and did not help make it any easier on my niece or get her in to inpatient hospice as the Hospice director promised my sister that day in the hospital in my presence!! This was NOT a peaceful death by far!! Up until this, all my experiences with Hospice had been wonderful. I assured my sister this was the right choice. Now I also live with that regret, along with tons of others concerning her death. I will NEVER recommend Hospice to another soul :-(

I don't have any first hand experience with hospice, but I'm wondering if like hospitals,
there well run hospice groups and maybe not so well run hospice groups.

I'm certainly not discounting the concerns of those who feel their loved ones death
came sooner than necessary. There are also many who feel that their loved ones
lingered in pain longer than they wanted. So complaints about hospice care can cut
both ways.

It's so frustrating and leaves one feeling helpless when we don't always know the
best course of action. And sometimes we don't feel we're given all the info we need to
make best decision for our LO's . My sincerest condolences to all who have lost a parent
possibly before their time and with any lingering questions regarding care.

My mom is on dialysis. It is no longer working very well and she is suffering more and more every time she has it. We are very near the time of ending mom's dialysis ourselves.

Dialysis does not work forever. It is a treatment meant to assist the function of the kidneys, when they stop working, to filter toxins out of the bloodstream. But it is not a replacement for the kidneys. Eventually, kidney function will cease altogether and dialysis will be of no real benefit to the patient. When a doctor recommends ending dialysis, it is to end a person's suffering because the treatment is no longer helping them.

I am sorry for your loss. I know it's extra hard because stopping dialysis feels like making a choice about death. In truth, it is only a choice to discontinue treatment that is causing suffering, and at the same time, is no longer benefiting the recipient.

Im sorry for your loss, but hospice care didn’t kill your mom . They were there to help patient to be comfortable and free of pain. Im a nurse and i work in a long term care facility and i’ve seen a lot of people that put on hospice that graduated that even from this day are alive and well. The reason why they gave her morphine is because she’s in pain. And as a nurse i’ve seen a lot of patient that are very alert that seems to be okay before their passing . One of my patient was very sick a week ago but act like he’s not sick before he died. You can’t predict when they’re gonna die . Good thing she died in peace.

Hospice does hasten death. Visit the Hospice Patients Alliance. It was founded by a hospice nurse, turned whistleblower, because of these things.

I am a hospice physician. I would like to say that you are not eligible for hospice services unless you have a prognosis of less then 6 months. We consider the patient and the patient's family as the unit of care. We provide the a nurse, nurse's aide, chaplain or spiritual counselor, social worker and a physician to each patient and their families. We provide 24 hours day, 7 day a week access to care through a phone number you can call and any of the previously mentioned providers can be called to come out and see the patient or the family. We also provide 13 months of bereavement care for the family. Hospice comes to wherever the patient is located nursing home, home, personal care home, or assisted living centers. We are an extra layer of care. A RN nurse is assigned to visit the patient at least once a week and then a LVN nurse usually comes a second time in the week (At least in our hospice). Then a home health aide is assigned to come out and bathe a patient at least twice a week. Most want at least 3 times a week. If the patient is having a hard time they can receive a RN or LVN visit daily especially in the last few days of life. Also there is a free to the family 5 days of respite care for putting stable at home patients in a nursing home for five days of rest so family members can rest. The there is continuous care for uncontrolled symptom management and in patient hospice care for symptoms that can not be managed by in home continuous care. The last two mentioned are for very specific symptom management and it is highly regulated by Medicare. It is not to be used for normal end of life care. You also get a social worker to help you with end of life care from anxiety in family and patient to planning a funeral or placement in a nursing home. They make an initial visit and then as needed visits. The spiritual care worker helps patients and families deal with spiritual issues around the end of life. They meet you where you are and can sit and pray with the patient and his family or coordinate spiritual care with your chosen faith. They visit initially and then as needed and you can refuse their visit. All medications related to the primary hospice diagnosis are covered by the hospice as well as medications related to pain, constipation, nausea & vomiting, anxiety & agitation. Most people who are in the last 6 months do experience pain and so yes we are aggressive at managing pain because it is not fair to die in pain even if you can not verbalize that you are in pain. The elderly often express pain in worsening delirium which means they see, hear and react to things other people can not see, hear and react to. As you age all your organs age including your stomach and your ability to metabolize medications in your stomach decreases. So giving your loved one more medications actually makes the patients stomach work harder at digesting them. So this means that a lot of the drugs and vitamins actually are not getting metabolized and are diminishing the amount of any of the drugs that are getting into the patients blood supply. It has been shown with study after study that the elderly medically fragile (anybody in a nursing home and almost anyone who is older then 65 depending on the person) need to be on less then 9 medications and that means over the counter medications and vitamins too. And most people in the last 6 months of life have lost enough weight that they no longer have hypertension and diabetes type II and therefore either need less of those medications and/or no longer need those medications. Most people who initially come on hospice have a "honeymoon period" when we stop excessive medications and the patient actually wakes up and is more cognizant and aware of there surroundings. We do not start pain medications unless there is some symptoms or source of pain. Most people in the last few weeks of life have pain as their body start to shut down and their muscles contract. We do not want you loved one to die. We just want to make sure your loved one is actually cared for appropriately. If you do not want to believe that I will talk about the economics of hospice. We actually do not want to kill your loved one because that would mean we can no longer be reimbursed for their care. (Medicare pays a set amount for every day you are on hospice. It covers the pay of all the caregivers, the director of nursing, the administrator, the pharmacy costs, the secretaries, the answering service, the physician etc. ) We have patients with varying length of stays some come on and die with in a day others come on and die 3 years later. Our hospice (Silverado Hospice) has a physician visit the patient with in 7 days of admission, to make sure the patient is appropriate and indeed has a life expectancy of less then 6 months if the disease was to run it's normal course. (This visit is not required by healthcare law) After the first 6 months patients are seen by a physician ever 2 months to re-certify that the patient's has a life expectancy of less then 6 months is the disease was to run it's normal course. (these visits are required by law) If the patient's illness has stabilized then the patient is discharged from hospice for extended prognosis. (life expectancy greater then 6 months) Our hospice location in and it has a census of about 150-160 patients with about 50 admissions per month and 50 deaths per month. We usually have 3-4 patients that we discharge per month for extended prognosis. We are happy to readmit them when their illness progresses again and that happens quite a bit, usually 3-12 months later. Medicare has strict guidelines that must be followed so the patient has to show decline each re-certification period (within each 60 day period). So that is what hospice actually does. We do not hasten death in anyway.

Dear Rosie,

My deepest condolences and sympathies. I'm very sorry for your loss. I know it hurts. We always want things to be different. Its been almost 10 months since my father passed and I still wished his last moments could have been different. We all have these questions during our grief journey. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself. I know its easier said than done. Thinking of you.

Skeyeblu, a patient passes away on the same schedule whether Hospice was used or not.   The only difference, do want to pass screaming in horrible pain, or want to pass resting peacefully. 

Please, please note that the amount of morphine given is no different than the amount of morphine given to a patient after a major surgery to help cut the pain.

And if the doctors/nurses had up the amount it would be from 5mg to 15mg and no more. It would take 200mg to kill someone. Morphine is highly regulated, every mg has to be accounted for.

I was glad both my parents had Hospice. Especially my Dad who had aspiration pneumonia, otherwise he would have died choking to death. Believe me, that would NOT have been gentler. The morphine helped relax his throat.

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