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"Love Notes from Caregivers who have lost someone".

You have been through the pain of care giving a loved one and they have passed. So as not to relive the recent pain of care giving those last days, THIS THREAD IS FOR YOU. To express yourself; be supported by others who have lost their parent, spouse, friend, loved one. A caregiver's grieving and recovering post. If ever you just want to sign in without saying something, put three xxx or three ..., then click post, someone will know you were here, on your special thread, it's yours to say whatever you want. You can even honor your Mom's memory by posting about her.

Posting this in honor of a friend who lost her Mom on Mother's Day....

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I love what you posted earlier on this thread. I think there are many interesting stories about our family that were never spoken of. Somehow, the stories of these special people become lost. I don’t think we have an appreciation of these things until we get older.

One day when I was lamenting the extra pounds I put on I asked mom whether she thought I should go on a diet or buy bigger pants. She told me to buy bigger pants 🤣🤣
(life is short)

Interested to know if those who have passed imparted special words of wisdom to us, even as we were taking care of them.

Along time friend once said to me: "The problem with you is that you are too smart for your own good."

Still mulling that over, wondering what she really meant.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, grandmother, godmother and mother in law. They are all rejoicing in heaven now.

There is another thread still open that I was trying to find so caregivers could share about missing their loved ones:

"Life after the loss of a loved one".

My family was blessed with a lot of strong women, unfortunately I didn't recognize how unique some of them were until they were gone. I'd love to be able to talk with them as an older woman and equal, which of course couldn't happen back when I was so much younger an less experienced than they were.

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