Anyone have home health supposedly helping yet actually judging you and being rude/loud to elderly and myself! I have Lifesource company helping me for few mths now but the home health aide think she's a DR! Makes dr appointments for US I have to schedule arround my errands & my kids appointments. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES EVERYTHING FOR MY MOM. Mom is elderly yet this stupid sidesaddle crossed boundaries she wants me to force feed meds I give her meds to her but as I would do for my kids NEVER WILL I FORCE FEED MOM. My FAMILY does not help & I turned to this Co. For help it's a nightmare now! Can I fire them and get someone else!!!! She is MY MOM I KNOW HER BEST! THEN SHE JUDGES EVERYTHING! AS MY FAMILY DOES! EVERYONE IN CLUDING THIS AIDE TELL me take her OUT I DO! BUT NOT MUCH! SHE'S DISABLED AND SHE'S A HEAVY WOMAN! WHEELCHAIR IS HEAVY TO! I'M A SMALL 120 pounds petite woman! I don't see anyone here to HELP me so they must SHUT UP!!! I'M STRESSED AND THIS COMPANY's HELP is a DISASTER!

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It's hard enough being a caregiver without having to do battle with the one who is supposed to help YOU. I'd say fire her and get someone you can trust to help you and your loved one. Not being on the same page in caregiving is like parents who confuse the child with their bickering and do no one any good.

Either you fire the caregiver, or just stand back and let the caregiver do her job without interferring.

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