"Home care is mean and horrible to me" says Mom for the I don't know how many time.


PD dementia but it's not her -- it's THEM - big bad homecare and it's me Mom's had to have round the clock liveins until the 12th since my major surgery bc mom woudlnt' keep her butt in respite care for 8 wks while I recouped and called me everyday carrying on and stressing me RIGHT after I got out of the hospital even though my friend was driving me every other day to see her. So the home care that mo liked until she had the audacity to stick up for me when mom was being demented. She said "HORRIBLE" things to her. THe horrible things were "you need to talk to your doctor honey because you're not doing well with your Parkinson's and you are very confused and getting all upset and mad at your daughter and accusing her of things and she's not doing anything".. THAT was the "horrible" things said. Meanwhile mom's confiding in this one when I'm at the store about how bad and guilty I am blah blah. blah But mom wrote her off and now I have to train someone else today bc it's mom's house and her $$. "Luckily" for me May 12 ends home care and I get to go back to having demented narcissistic all to myself again. Aren't I lucky. And mom doesn't want to deal with this agency "EVER" again. Another agency bites the dust. But one saving grace is that more and more people are becoming aware of her insanity which is going to make in easier for me if I have to go in front of a judge. Mom's putting it out there where before she was just able to control who behavior and just save it for me.

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Thank you jessiebelle. The elder who cried wolf. I'm afraid one day there really will be a bad one and I'm not going to believe her. I'm not saying that all the home care is great and flawless. I've had to tell them things that for most people is pretty self explanatory. I know that live ins are used to not having an overseer. If only she had stayed in AL permanently

No solutions here, Kedwards. I just wanted to say that I hear you and understand completely. When it becomes all about them it is impossible to reason anymore. I know that standing up for yourself will make her angry. When a person becomes this focused on themselves, they don't understand that everything is not about them. I wish I had an answer for it.

Forgive my typos. Too early and too stressed.