Well, had my day all planned out today and as should have been expected, was just about to mow the yard when got a phone call from the younger nephew informing me they were in our town and headed toward our house and would see us in a minute....I went right ahead and finished mowing my yard and a good thing too as it was two hours before they got there. My brother called right after but I was mowing and didn't get that call til after....He also got here before the nephew. I have learned through 30 plus years of this they are never "almost here"...when they are "in town" that means you might see them in a few hours and I refuse to put my life on hold anymore. So , surprise, no groceries, house not cleaned, I was a mess from mowing, and just did get Mama's lunch when my brother rolled up. He knew I was not going to be happy and i was not and I flat out told him, that once again, it would have been nice had they bothered to let me know they were coming. He told me he would run and get some things to serve etc. and I told him no....I'm not serving anyone, period..maybe folks will start letting someone know they are coming and then I might actually get to enjoy the visit too. No, I'm not fixing anything. And I didn't. The visit came and went. It was nice to see them, but sad at the same time as it was so obvious we had once again been crammed into the quick visit slot and in fact one of them even said as much. Sadly, my brother was also hurt, but he's not the one taking care of Mama. I just found it amusing that he seemed horrified I did not have a cake made, or something to serve, but I stood firm and told him, I am tired and I am not fixing anything . I guess I am just rude. I know I am tired. But I stood on the porch and waved them merrilyh on their way knowing they were all headed to a fun cookout on the lake, while I got nothing else whatsoever done here today....thank God I did go on and mow as they stayed long enough I would not have felt like doing it later...

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