Holiday depression.


Single or alone seniors can find holiday season very lonely.

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My father periodically receives hand drawn cards from school children who apparently are participating in reach-out activities towards seniors. These cards are delivered with his Meals on Wheels. He also received a hand drawn message from a youngster thanking him for his service, so apparently the reach out activities are done for Veteran's Day as well.

I was thinking that doing this for Christmas for seniors (as well as Veterans in VA hospitals or VA homes) would be a nice way to reach out to them, especially if any of you have Meals on Wheels or VA facilities in your community.

This could also be done for folks in rehab, IL, AL or other facilities.

Oh, another thought. If you know of a senior who will not get any gift for the holidays, I would see to it that they get one. You might call social services, a church or other civic group, if you can't personally pay for a gift, but I would do as much as possible to see to it that they do get at least one gift. Whether it's a sweater, gloves or socks. It would appreciated, IMO.

I used to send a package to my great aunt before her death. It was all that she and her disabled daughter received. They loved getting a package with lotion, music CD, candy, calendar, coffee, bedroom slippers, and a little cash. They were like little kids on Christmas eve. It's a precious memory for me.

You might also volunteer to put up a small tree for a senior who isn't able or who doesn't have one. You can get a small artificial, lit tree that is not too expensive. I know that just looking at the lights can lift my spirit.

I always try to brighten the days for seniors during the holidays. I visit and call those that I can, but also send a very nice card with a heartfelt message written inside. I hope that helps.

I know it brightens my day to get a Christmas card. People don't send them very often anymore. Whether it's the cost of postage or the internet technology, but to me....a good regular card speaks volumes. If finances permit, I insert a small gift card inside.

Yes, they can. Unfortunately - here in the winter - snow and ice so the seniors are pretty much home bound. My son is 7 and he has kind of "adopted" the senior next door (bad heart, lives alone, very limited mobility) and from time to time will go over and chat when he sees him outside or go visit with me to show him books he is reading and pictures he has drawn. This man stops by our Christmas open house at the holidays. The reason I bring this up is that I used to volunteer at my church with the elderly and so many wanted regular low key contacts vs a big holiday visit. In short, friendships and involvement. It is really good for my son too as he adores having adults admire him. So we are looking for neighbors to get to know better and help as we can. My son's grandparents are all far away and we do the Skype and calls between visits. notice your neighborhood seniors!

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