did complete turn around took them wherever she pleased. Much praying she is now speaking I help her sit Dad died 2 weeks ago of congestive heart failure. The place she chose is a town close to nobody. No cell service, no hospital, just backroads and woods. Daddy had wanted to come closer to home but she ignored Now I am really worried with mom being 70 miles (one way) away from us her security. Still go everydday as when dad was living. Mama has alheimers and she is so scared. We have a very nice facility here but she keeps making excuses mom will think we are taking her from dad. I told mom dad was in heaven but in her condition I think she needs us close by. If she gets sick, there is no Dr. I just noticed mama last night realized she had rather be with us than so far away that nobody sees her. The home is full in sisters town.Which would be better? Close to home or by herself and chance her thinking she has left daddy? She would still have (POA)I need your honest input PLEAS

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Unless your mom sincerely wants to live with you, she may be better off where she is. Any move is disruptive to a person with Alzheimer's, especially after they get adjusted to new surroundings and the disease progresses. You say she does not know anyone there but the real question is if the staff there know her and take good care of her. You can continue to visit often as you are doing and your sister who has POA is close enough to assist her with any financial or medical issues that may come up. So unless you have evidence that the staff is mistreating her or she is being neglected you best leave it alone. Unless you personally have cared for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's disease you have no idea what you would be in for if she moves in with you or you become her custodian.

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