I KNEW that would get your attention.
A few threads that came together today, in reading responses, really made me think. I saw a lot of threads that had experiences of caregivers after the death of a loved one, finding (or NOT finding) hidden money.
Many of us are left cleaning out the final effects of our loved ones. Because I so often talked with my bro, who lived clear across the state, I knew of his habits. So I knew that he was tempted to keep more money around than he should and would hide the bills in favorite books (he had many). This kind of morphed, when money (he THOUGHT) went missing, into later keeping it other places. He would tell me his book money was disappearing. Then would would say "Found it. Had wrapped it in the white towels".
So when he died and I had his room cleaned I knew what to tell people about looking. He was otherwise clean, organized and methodical so there wasn't a lot to look through.
Point is, when an elder dies you may well find money in their last abode, and in very odd places indeed. Places I have heard are the books, the towels, under the drawer liners, back of picture frames, taped to back of drawers or chests, cereal boxes, in the freezer in containers, and all other manner of places including the infamous floorboards.
So just a reminder. Many are left with places with so much "stuff" it cannot conceivably be got through. But do remember to check if you are the one cleaning. Often the elder hasn't a clue where it was put and I have even heard of mason jars in gardens.
Easier to consider it a treasure hunt, than cleaning out, I guess.
Hope everyone is staying well and taking care.

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MACinCT, what a good reminder that is, about the checking on the State websites for hidden money. Most of what I am leaving I am leaving in POD account, and while I update the CDs all the time for the beneficiaries, when I renew, and attempt to write instructions in my effects, it is a worry to know that most banks tell me that they do NOT notify the new beneficiary when the account holder dies. In fact only one bank has told me that it does. They don't even ask for the Social Security number often enough, which would at least report interest to a survivor. So that is just great advice.
Thanks to whomever was kind enough to move this to "Discussion" and clean up my shouting capitals.

My mother used to hide money in wadded up pieces of aluminum foil in the freezer, of all things!!

I go to a lot of estate sales & sell junk on eBay. One time I purchased a handbag for $3 which appeared to be empty. There was a hidden compartment in a strange part of the bag that had a zipper; inside the compartment was 2 -$100 bills and a whole bunch of gift cards to restaurants, department stores & Pier One Imports!

I have a novel that has a secret compartment in the middle of it; I keep my mother's valuable jewelry in there b/c it looks just like a regular book, complete with a dust jacket and everything! LOL

So glad you posted this. YES . .my MIL hid $$ in all kinds of places. We found quite a stash - and I mean a significant amount. Lets just say . .enough of buy a nice car! I'm not so sure my mom hid actual cash though. I've already looked through quite a few things and not finding anything. I'm pretty sure it wasn't her MO. But . . still - gotta look!

When my clean-up after death 'CUAD' is done . .I'll let you know.

CMy Father has money left in his coat pockets. My mother n law had 1,000 in her coat pocket !!! Check coat pockets and pants pockets!!! I like the one that said check medicine bottles. People find money rolled up in medicine bottles.

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