I spent 49 years sobbing over dad! I loved him more than life! He died and nobody told me! I am 60 in March, he is dead! I’m over this! I’ve wasted 50 years on a person who couldn’t give a sh*t about me! He was a doctor and my hero! He preferred a gold digger!

I am worth less, as his child, than his wife?

It has taken me 50 years to see the fact that he was not worth my pain and tears! He didn’t shed any for me!

Don’t cry for a father who is a selfish, self serving POS! Dry your eyes and move on!!!!

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Pretty sure the OP alluded to being on drugs in one of her replies on another post.

You posted a more in depth post earlier on.

You NEED some professional help to get over something that happened 50 years ago.

It is not uncommon for men (or women) to choose a spouse over a child. Happens all the time , literally.

You've carried this burden for most of your life--please find a way to let go of the anger, hurt and pain.

You have a right to feel what you feel---but at some point, you have to move on. I wish you the best.

Are you ok?

There are family relationships nobody talks about! Shame on the family for not handling critical issues!
I am a single mother, with a 25 year old son. I raised him in a Christian school foundation, mixed with public school elements. No matter what, he’s good now, but I wanted to beat the crap out of him, with the ball bat, in HS! Pure idiot!
Best thing I did? MOVED HIM OUT!
Now he is seeing the light!

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