I was never paid anything for the help I gave her; which included making her meals, cleaning her house, shopping, helping with her laundry, changing her bed linens, giving her vitamins, helping her bathe and get dressed, and the last few months of her staying with us, she would call me anywhere from 3 to 5 times a night to assist her to the bathroom, resulting in me never getting sleep for a decent stretch of time. We did not have a written agreement for me to be paid, in fact she would even tell people how my boyfriend and I were basically sponging off of her, despite all the work we did for her. She has recently passed away while in a care facility, and she has an estate worth 1.8 million dollars. My question is even though we never had anything in writing, can I sue her estate for compensation for all the hours of work and care I gave to her, which she was so ungrateful for and tried to treat me as a slave laborer?

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You had a big heart when you thought she was poor. Don't spoil it now. Keep that big heart, hold your head high and your reward will come to you. Character is priceless, your reputation will always precede you.

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