I have been told by some one at AD assoc my 83 yr old mom needs to be on meds for her moodiness as they saw her in action one day ( she is already on wellbutrin) and doc said he will but rather wait until absolutely necessary as meds are always a two edged sword and I agree with him. Doc said she has significant AD ( other health issues as well) and a lot of times she seems all there about things but her time frames are always off and her reasoning in most areas are way off but then she makes perfect sense on some things so it keeps me confused) but I have had it with mom taking her anger out on my fifteen yr old son. It has been seven months since she accused him of taking TP out of her bathroom that he never took. He went in and got some water out of her cooler and since he is off limits in her living area( her living area has a bedroom private bath, living room and small kitcen area we converted my house for her room) with out me or any one just to appease mom. Last night he is in kitchen and she shouts out to him " what are you looking at? a crazy old woman?" and he wasn't even looking at her because I was right there and his head was in the cabinet reaching for a glass. This morning she came storming into my kitchen wanting TP ( just put several rolls out there two days ago) I went out and found them and showed her and she said that I must have JUST put them out there because they were not out there last night. I said mom I put them there two days go. She said no I didn't and that he took them and I lost it with her and said what did have against my son to keep accusing him? Plus saying I am lying when I alrady put them out there. Why is she so mad at him? She said she saw him DO IT and after all he is a MALE. RIght there told me what is going on....... she hates men...... I just know it stems to her child hood as her dad was an alcoholic and tore her family apart with it but now I am dealing with this. Do I put her on mood meds? I was told any AD home wouldn't even take her unless she was on them if they saw she acts like this and I sure can't keep taking this attitude either. Suggestions?

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First, Hugs. You cannot take what she says literally. Cannot try to make sense of what she is doing. Don't argue with her. Have you visited and read basic info?( I printed and put in folder for my Mother's caregivers and me!) Forget about the "man-hating" thing. You will go nuts trying to deal with every thing she pulls out of a hat! Protect your son and explain the reality--there are TWO of them going on. For your sanity and your son's--detach from the emotional aspect. Your Mom is still in there: take a step back and re-approach with calm affection. Get involved here and let everyone help to "ground" you-it is a lifesaver and it works! Finally: BIG HUGS!

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