My 84 year old mother who has PD diagnosed about 5 years ago has several questions:

Why can I run sometimes and other times I can barely walk, sometimes I have no pain or heaviness in my chest and other times I have a light chest pain and tightness.

I am constantly suffering from Shortness of Breath. I have had a heart workup, a lung test, and anxiety has been ruled out. I am convinced that PD causes this, but my MDs think that something else is causing it although they admit that PD can cause shortness of breath.

My feet twist. Is this caused by being on or off state or can it be caused by both.

My mother takes 2 Carbidopa/Levadopa pills every 3 hours. She refuses time release medication.

My mother has been very independent and very private with her rare illnesses and always believes in "sucking it up" but in the last 6 months has complained a lot and has become quite demanding that we figure out what she should be doing. Is this a sign of PD?

She has periods of not being very cognitive. She can no longer figure out numbers. She looses her train of thought quite often. I don't think she has dementia YET. What can we expect

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Dementia is often a part of PD. You mother needs to see a doctor who totally understands PD and Alzheimer's. As Nauseated said, a scan is likely in order to figure out what is going on. Most of her physical symptoms could be PD, but the mental ones could be Alzheimer's along with Parkinson's. Something is going on, and they need to find out what. If you need to change doctors, do so.

Take care,

Has your mom had a brain MRI, or a neurological exam? You might want to look into that, but it sounds a lot like dementia. Good luck to you dear. Let us know how you are doing.

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