Looking for help & advice for finding housing & care for my 60 year old father who is mentally & physically disabled. No idea where to start.

My father has dementia resulting from years of alcohol & drug abuse, untreated manic depression and now he is unable to walk. I'm not sure how to gage the sevarity of his dementia but its mostly short term memory loss and has become incapable of caring for himself alone. Luckily he is staying with family in Long Island, NY for the short term and is not using drugs or alcohol, but is still a smoker which is not a habit he will ever quit.

What types of facilities should I be looking for considering his illness & history? What are the lowest cost options and higher cost options? He is already on social security disability if that makes a difference. Would like to keep him around Huntington LI where we still have family.

Thanks very much for any advice!

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Good Luck :)
Karie H. Team

My situation is almost exactly the same with my father (also in LI). My brother is no longer able to provide the level of care he needs and although he is receiving some social security and has medicaid he doesn't have regular health insurance and none of us can even come close to affording the incredibly high prices of assisted living. Also, he's only in his late fifties. If anyone has any information please share and ktm, please share anything you learn. Best of luck!

Sorry thats Huntington, Long Island, New York.

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