Our mother just turned 96 on April 11, 2012, and up until six months ago she was very alert and very competent. She is on medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and the Dr. just recently diagnosed her with mild depression. She had had these medical problems for years, but was fine. We are very concerned in that she has changed so much within the last six months.
. We feel she is in the early stages of dementia/Depression. We are blessed to have had her with such a clear mind for so long. About 6 months ago after her baby brother s death and then his wife passed shortly after, and my brother was diagnosed with cancer. We noticed a marked change/decline in her health. Very quiet, not wanting to eat, not wanting to drink water, not wanting to be left alone, tremors when holding items. She was an avid writer and reader, she has no interest in that at all. She loved going out with people, and talking on the telephone, she no longer has an interest in those things. She likes to stay at home and sit, and sleep in her chair during the day, she seldom initiates conversation. We hired a sitter to be with her from 8:00 to 3:00 each day, and we also got her a life alert system. A nurse comes in once a week under medicare. Family members are with her in the afternoon when the sitter leaves and at night. Friends and family visit regularly. She is never alone. I am the oldest daughter and I filed for power of attorney last week. I handle her affairs with still some involvement from her.

What else can we do to help our mother as we see a dramatic decline in her health. We want to cover all bases while we can. What else can we do to assist her and make life more comfortable for her.

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