concern about a 70yr old sister,living by her self, driving, working at a daycare yet get lost easily,getting very forgetful .Have daughter living in dayton but not keeping close eye on her.Daughter make appointments for her mother but don't take her or even cancel the appt.(hair appt).Sister have called me several times thinking she was late for work and asking "what day is it", fell asleep sunday evening and woke up thought it was next day .I do not think she should be driving.After not coming to my house for 2 week now cannot remember how to get here.She knows something is wrong and that she cannot remember things yet her children will not except this.They think she just trying to get attention or something when she is constantly telling them I don't remember. One son live in kentucky ,come here often, they argue a lot,he doesn't believe her . Another son live in DC calls everyso often but doesn't come to visit her.Daughter student at Wright state and working at retail store, and I understand is now pregnant.
I no longer have a car so I cannot go see her or get to her in a emergency.After she get off work all she do is sit in front of tv rest of longer have any social activities, afraid to go anywhere because she get lost,cannot drive at night,lose sense of direction,I have had. to redirect her many times,as she made the wrong turn and realize that she was lost. Her daughter had to go find her and redirect her home one night.I had to go to her also and redirect her to her Doctors office, one day.
I feel she need help and don't need to be driving ,afraid she will be in an accident and hurt herself or someone else as she cannot concentrate while driving.I feel very helpless as I cannot do more for her.
She lives in an apartment in Clayton off N.Union rd and I live in dayton near Salem andCambridge ave.

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Thanks for your support. Finally got in touch with her son,they are doing paperwork to get her in an assistant living community.It would have been nice if they had called and let me know what was going on, they call me for everything else...Thanks all

Since she knows something is wrong, encourage your sister to get a full medical exam so she'll know for certain what she's dealing with. It could be a nutritional deficiency or a bad mix of prescriptions. And if it is dementia, there are strategies for slowing its progression. Nothing is scarier than guessing at a problem! When you know your enemy, you know how to fight them.
If a friend, neighbor, or coworker could go with her, so much the better.

This could prove to be a very dangerous situation. I would call her children and explain to them that their Mom most likely has alzheimers/dementia and they need to help her. I would also tell them that if they don't help her, you will be forced to call protective services in the town in which she lives. They can't look the other way any longer. Good luck and hope they listen. Take care.

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