Hello everyone! I'm not much of a joiner, and frankly haven't done much posting to a forum since the mid eighties. I've been looking for a support group online as I am pretty much trapped in the house by my family...sounds dramatic I know but that is what it boils down to.

I've read around here from time to time and while I've found some things that resemble bits of my story, though nothing quite fits. I am in what I believe to be an untenable situation, and I need options to help me plan a path forward.

Looking at the the future and taking into account what I've learned from reading here has given me a lot to think about, and adding all of that to my previous experience, I realize that I've got to find a way forward to avoid being homeless and hungry in having tried to do something good.

As my story seems rather long to me and sounds a bit harsh when typed to the screen, I'm a bit hesitant to drop the whole thing at one time. As I remember from "ancient times", that may be considered to be rude.

What I can say is that of all the places I've looked on the internet, this one seems to ring true more to the experience of being "ankle deep" in trying to do what seems to be The Right Thing, for lack of a better way to put it. Unless I've misunderstood, I believe that some here may have an idea of what I'm talking about. :)

That's about it for now. The whole thing has got me a little spagetti-headed so to speak, and I'd like to try to be as cogent as I can about a stressful situation Thanks for reading!


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Spaghetti-headed says a whole lot! I like that new to me term.
You are wise to be careful in sharing before you are known and you know those who will support you.

It is a good thing to want to do the right thing, if it is not hurting you.

Just a hello back at you!

Thanks everyone! That's encouraging and refreshing!

Welcome aboard the train that never stops! We are all here to help.. and it is a good place to get advice and support. Join in as you like, and ask what you want.. there are a lot of people here in different places in their journey, and you can normally find someone in a similar situation.

I hope you are able to find some support and wisdom on this forum. There is so much experience and knowledge generously shared here.
Lots of people here are or have experienced all kinds of family issues so go ahead and vent.
I wish you some peace and solace.

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