Hello, I live in louisville ky and Have 8 unopened packs of medline tab briefs, size large. I also have a very nice pair of DERMASAVER leg and heel protectors, when i order them it was for horrible skin tears on my grandma but I quickly found that there awesome for pressure issues as well. I don't want nothing for the stuff. If your in louisville we can meet, or if your out of state I would ask that you pay the shipping cost.
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Hi! I was born in Louisville but moved to Phoenix,AZ when I was 6. When my neighbor's wife passed away he gave me tons of leftover care supplies because I care for my elderly mother...the things I couldn't use I took to a local food bank (they also have infant diapers and adult care items) and they were happy to get them. So in case you don't have anyone who takes them I'm sure you could drop them at a food bank or even at a local nursing home --I opted for the food bank because I wanted someone in need to get them and was worried that the nursing home would take them and still charge some poor resident for them even though they got them for free. Good Luck!

Check with your local Lyons club I found that they will take all the equipment that we had acquired over the years for my husband and loan out the durable equipment for those who need things and they probably will be able to use your products and probably will pick up the items at your house bless you for wanting these things to go to someone who has need-my own county was not able to help me when I needed things so I am going to give them to where I grew up and am so pleased to help others now that my husband has passed and no longer needs these things.

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