Here is an update on some things going on. Last year with covid my mom was with us from Christmas until the end of May. First it was the callous and then covaid. We actually had a wonderful man rent one side of the pasture for his cows. You wouldn’t believe what a beautiful job he did. It looks like the pasture i grew up in. It hasn’t had anything in it since my brother sold the cows, still no word there. The guy put in hours and hours in and 8,000 but he is still paying her 1500 a year, We did finally said screw it and went back to door county to our special room that we stayed in since our honeymoon in August 1996. It was wonderful and we were safe. It’s basically a condo and we did eat out once a day but we sat outside and social distanced. My mom came up for thanksgiving but she had her syatic nerve and she couldn’t walk very well so she was with us until December 29, we got a room at the state park lodge for a couple nights so we could have some quality time together. Well, the first night it took 3 hours to go 15 minutes to the lodge. Winter, next day was her foot doctor and then groceries and etc so we didn’t get back to the lodge until 7:30, my husband wanted this fried chicken so we ate with her. I wanted to stay one more night to be alone but we ended up doing that for my birthday. Anyway, sorry back up. She stayed at her house for about a week and then her callous opened up in January so she came back up until my birthday on February 9 th. But we had to drive back down an hour and a half for a 10 minute appointment and then back every week. So, my husband did spoil me and we stayed at the lodge the 8-11 th. She doggie sat my 14 year old staffordshire bull terrier. That Wednesday i told her i would pick her up to get her blood work done for her appointment the next week. She had an appointment for the blood but no she wanted to cancel her shoulder hurt. So, we were all organized to take our time and have breakfast Thursday before checking out but since she canceled that changed. She has to fast too. She does this all the time without regards to how it effects us. It’s not a big deal but it’s all the time, that morning she said she called. So , no she didn’t because we went to the dr office for the blood work but she didn’t have an appointment it was the day before. So after 1 hour there they explained that they only have so many people and time. So now to the hospital.that is done and last week I ended up with a panic attack because again her appointments and I had so much on my plate. It was nothing big but it was like a million little things between her appointments, father in law and his dementia and short term memory loss advancing)he will call me a bitch or tell me how awful we are and next day he loves us and then I was supposed to speak that Friday for aa. It sounds so stupid but I couldn’t breathe. I ended up rescheduling speaking and I did get her to the appointments after the guy that plows her out got plowed out himself the next day. There are people who have offered to take her to an appointment if i can’t make it but she will say i will go myself and I am like how. Well I will just walk. Just stupid responses to make me feel guilty. I know no one can make me feel like that it’s on me. Anyway her foot is healed and she doesn’t go back for a month her blood work is good 😌, so now we are back going every other weekend that my husband has off. Then he has really been struggling with anxiety lately because of all these conspiracy theories and talk about cops. He is a deputy sheriff and he is a deputy who became a deputy to help people and give back to his community. He can retire in November or he can go two more years but he is burned out. So he will retire on his anniversary next March. No change with my brother and family. Well we don’t know but my niece ended up getting a divorce after three years of marriage after

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It is good to hear from you. I have many memories of being very young married with tiny daughter, husband and I did a volkswagen van in the 60s and went to Door County. I remember the fish boils these many decades later. A beautiful place. Good to have your update and happy to see you back.

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