I went online looking for help and did I get it. My mom was living in mi and of getting things here and there,
Moved her in with me and didn't think she needed 24 hour care. She had left the house cussed me out and my kids I hate coming home but it's hard to see your mom go thru something like that one minutes she is nice and next she is yelling at me..and she does not remember. My heart and prayers go out to everyone.

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My mom is almost 86, I am 56. I am the only child she has left and i have reached a point where I just want to cut off all communication with her. She has stressed me to the point where I just don't want to take it anymore. She can do nothing on her own, and refuses to go to a nursing home. Needs 24 hr care. Can't do it anymore....

It is a strange world we find ourselves in! Doing something out of love and sometimes finding it does not meet that need or is not perceived as loving. To all the other care givers...
"You are Amazing! Thanks for doing What you Do!"

I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me in yours!

Thank you - blessings to you too :)

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