Hello. I am in need of a suggestion. My dad who is 80+ is suffering from Diabetics and is under medicines for the same. Now it was found that he is showing a problem in hearing too. I am not able to manage this situation because dad was taken care by the caregiver before but now she left as she was not able to manage my dad and take care of him. He behaves like a kid and gets pissed for a silly reason. And now he is having a problem in hearing. He will definitely hesitate to wear a hearing aid for sure as of his character. I am planning to buy behind the ear hearing aids for this so that he won't feel low. A BTE because so that we won't feel bad and no one would notice that he is taking help of an aid for hearing. Is there any other solution for this, I mean any other solution other than an aid?

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Susan, if your Dad is still hesitant to wearing hearing aids, vanity and all, google famous people who use hearing aids. Sometimes knowing someone well known wears hearing aids will give a different perspective on the wearer.

Example, if your Dad is a big fan of Bill Clinton or Rush Limbaugh, well Bill and Rush both wear hearing aids.

Thank you Cwillie for your reply. I took him to Hearing Solution in Toronto and Doc has said the same like you said. Thought he would hesitate to come with me. But he came. And thank you dear for the acre you showed.
God bless.

Are you just thinking about this and web surfing or have you had his hearing tested by the doctor and an audiologist? There are things that can be fixed, like a build up of ear wax, and things that hearing aids won't help, so first you need to understand what you are dealing with.
I think the newer type of BTE aids sound fine, but getting him to wear it will be a struggle unless he is enthusiastic about the idea. Also the type of aids he can use successfully will depend on his level of hearing loss, BTE aids were not suitable for my mother. Any aids will take some time to adjust to so expect some frustration with using them, especially if his hearing loss is more profound.

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