My in-laws have their long term health care through PERS - for state of California employees. Their requirement is that all caregivers are to be certified. My in-laws night and primary caregiver is no longer taking care of my in-laws so the agency sent a replacement who is not certified. As a result, my in-laws have to pay for her services. I would think that the agency should have known in advance what PERS requires. Has anyone had this problem, what did you do, and how was it settled?

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My in-laws had a face-to-face meeting with the owner of the agency. My MIL feels that a lot of good information was had by both sides. One of the most significant, was to write up a "care" plan so that the new caregivers know what is expected of them. My MIL is having a difficult time with the 2 new caregivers; seems that one just wants to look at her computer (she is 50 years old) and was told by the agency that she was to do what they call a "sleep over". Guess if my in-laws, primarily my FIL, gets up more than twice a night that there is an up charge for that! My MIL hasn't been confident enough with the new help so one of my SIL is also spending the night but this can't/shouldn't continue.

Also, and on a different note, my MIL hasn't been out of the house since 11/4. She is a very social person and belongs to 3-4 social organizations. She is apparently afraid to leave my FIL for fear that something might happen to him while she was gone. Guess this isn't too unusual but I think this is only adding to her stress level/depression. She is crying some now in reaction to the stress level and all the new changes. I offered to take her out for a cup of coffee while my husband along with the caregiver stayed with my FIL but she declined.

Another thing, does anyone know what people do when there is a power outage for over 3 hours and one's portable oxygen tank runs out of oxygen? Both of my in-laws are on oxygen, with my MIL being on O2 24/7, and this is quite a worry. They live in a large metropolitan area.

Unfortunately, you didn't find this out in a timely manner which had to do with the agency not disclosing it to the family or contact person, but you did receive the assistance and most likely have no recourse but to pay the bill. Going forward make sure that an agency (you are looking for one more reliable I hope) sends certified caregivers so you can be reimbursed through PERS.

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