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I am so sorry , You are doing the right thing by reaching out, You are going to need some help. The first thing is to get family involved to help you come up with a plan. You will need in house help. You should also have all the legal stuff already ironed out, if not, get that done now! P.O. A =. trust etc and go through a estate lawyer.
Next educate yourself about her disease so you can plan ahead, Dementia effect people differently, but some things are common like short term memory loss and repetition, incontinence, uncontrollable emotional outburst, fear and confusion. As far as how long she has.... My Grandma would say, "if you can't find a exportation date stamped any where on her body then only God knows when their time is up". My Grandma lived 13 years and my mother is going on 10.
I know how scared you are right now and sick to your stomach. You are not alone and even if you don't have family there are all kinds of places to get help from. ASK FOR HELP. You will feel over whelmed and angry that this is happing. And its OK to feel that way.
You really need to get a plan in place not just for her, but for you too. Pick up that phone and start dialing.

Hugs! Try to find a way to keep yourself healthy during this difficult journey.

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