I have learned many tools on how to defend myself from lies manipulation narcicissm & hate

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I have not spoken to my mother since 2002.  She was a horrible, hateful mother.  We were her paychecks and she left us alone to take care of each other all the time.  Running with men in bars all night, bringing them home.  It was disgusting.  I knew as a child her behavior was gross.  She could not keep a job or pay a bill.  Imagine the humiliation of having to sneak water from a neighbors hose for us to bathe and drink because our water had been shut off for days, but she had money to drink at a bar.  Horrid.  Now, she is in her 70's and from what I hear from distant relatives not in the best health.   I just do not feel anything for her.  She will be on her own.  I will not allow my children or grandchildren to be treated the way she treated me.    I do not care if she is on the street.  My many nights of hunger, cold and being left to care for my self at 5 years old and babysit a 3 year old cemented that.  It is what she deserves.

See that she is not on the street but in reasonable care, and be confident that you have done the right thing.

Mine was pure h#ll, my mother was an alcoholic, who would have kids with different men to get child support. She would be out partying every night leaving me to take care of my brother. I also worked in her milk store from age 10. She was physically and emotionally abusive. As an adult she continued to abuse me verbally.
I have not spoken to her for 8 years and I never will again, prior to that as an adult once for 2 years, another for 4 and then 9 years.

I am not like her and never will be, I knew she was nuts and still is at age 94. She sits alone, just as it should be.

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