My dad had a massive stroke in May. When it was time to move him from the hospital to rehab, he was too sleepy and unable to participate in inpatient hospital rehab (3 hours of therapy a day). The social worker we were assigned suggested we place him in a less intense, skilled nursing facility (basically a nursing home with some therapy). He's more awake and able to participate now, has been doing well with his therapies, simply doesn't get enough! I was told it would be difficult to switch, lots of paperwork, I just don't know where to start...I want to do everything I can to give him the best chance at gaining back what he has lost and all research points to inpatient rehab! He's ready now, I'm just not sure how to start the battle to get him in.

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You need a doctor to write a script (i.e. recommend) an acute rehab facility.

This may mean getting dad physically to a doc who can script this.

I have a former colleague who had a catastroohic fall. Taken to the hospital, craniotomy, brain surgery. Sent to subacute rehab. Her DH, knowing what she was capable of moved heaven and earth to get her by ambulance to a neurologist in another borough. Who scripted acute, rather than sub acute rehab.

Learn the lingo and get a doc to write the order.

Contact the facility that you want to move him to. They will be able to help you with the move or let you know if it is possible.

He may have to go to a rehabilitation facility, these are in patient and focus in rehabilitation specifically.

My experience has been that the facility you want to go to, is very, very helpful in guiding you and helping facilitate the move.

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