I have lost a wife married to me for 53 years residing at the Bristol in West Babylon because the governor of NY Andrew Cuomo decided to put patient testing positive for the virus from hospitals to nursing homes knowing that their health care workers were not able to take care of because of lack of PPE safety equipment. Understaffed, letting their residence get the disease and dyeing. He had the javits available and the navy ship comfort, but never used them that is criminal. He made sure that his mother was safe before he did this to seniors in these nursing homes exposing residences and patience's to the disease. He has no excuse for his actions. Please help me to expose what he as done to our love one in these homes

I want everyone that lost a love one because of this directive he gave making senior care homes take in positive residence from hospital which allowed over 37,000 alone in NY senior to dye because of exposure to the covid 19 virus to contact their state political representatives and every other state governor's that had allowed this to happened.

They have to pay for his irresponsible actions. I am outraged that Cuomo allowed to happened to the people working and residing at these home.

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joelfmi118, my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

You're right, the United States didn't have enough PPE. That was because on January 7, 2020, the U.S. had shipped nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to China.

And here the United States already had two cases of the C-19 from late December. Then when the virus started to multiple overnight, companies weren't able to make PPE equipment fast enough to give to the States that were dealing with high counts of patients with the virus. The States were, in fact, competing with the U.S. government for PPE supplies, thus pricing the States out of the competition. It's like us average citizens looking for toilet paper and finding none on the shelves.

This was happening in not only New York nursing homes, but other nursing homes around the nation. What were nursing homes suppose to do? They were short handed, caregivers and staff were also getting sick, some dying. The hospitals didn't have enough respirators. No one was ready for this 100 year pandemic.

Studies were done, the United States government was slow to take notice, and when the U.S. finally did notice, it was slow on doing something about it.

We need to demonstrate like the people already doing so against the senseless  killing of black people by the police.
Now it's time to do something about the murdering of seniors and the poor health care worker  in assisted living and nursing homes by our elected officials like Andrew Cuomo. These governors  must be accountable.   Let me know how you feel.

Joel, I am so sorry for your loss.

May God grant you grieving mercies and comfort during this difficult time.

You are right, what he did was criminal. I pray that he gets prosecuted for calling in help that he chose not to utilize and instead put so many seniors in the path of destruction from this horrible virus.

I need your help in letting people and your   politicians know what the NY governor had done to seniors in nursing homes and assisted living residences in New York State. He has to answer for his irresponsible actions. Please help get the word out.

Thank you stay safe

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