I've only been here a short time, but I wanted to wish everybody here a Happy New Year, and better times ahead, since we all here have gone through so much. Thanks to all the kind, helpful people here, who take the time to help others through this difficult process of eldercare. All the best to all of you. For everyone facing difficulties with all of this, you're not alone, thanks to spaces like this, and I hope you have a better go of it this year.

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Happy New Year every body. I pray this year is better then last year!🥳 💥

Thanks for starting this thread, and don't let your namesake be your guide!

I certainly hope we see more political stability and respect for others, and of course control over and movement toward more permanent solutions for the pandemic.   And of course more action on climate change.

BTW, has anyone seen the holiday drone videos?    If not, check these out:


The galloping reindeer forming at 2.25 and the Fare Thee Well forming at 4:16 are both impressive, and so realistic.


1:01 focuses on formation of a bird.     I'm really partial to the whale which forms at 1:11.

There's so much grace in the formations; I feel peaceful, relaxed and reflective just from watching the drones forming and reconfiguring.  I never thought I would see beauty in drones.

GGordonLizzy, Happy New Year to you, too.

I am so glad you are here GGordon. I will tell you right now that I nearly fell off my chair the first time I saw your moniker. More than a few of us here old enough to remember all THAT. Happy New Year out to you and to all. Let us hope!

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