Happy New Year To All Of You Folks!!! May this year bring lots of happiness, joy and success for you!!!! Stay positive :)

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Don't know if this next year is going to be 'happy', but I do know it's going to be different..... a few choices I am making, and what ever it takes to take better care of my poor broken down body..... I am in the process of looking for the best cardboard box I can find , ya know, for when I live under a bridge....not doing this anymore.... not one thing makes sense to me any more about my life choices.... so ya, it may not be 'better', but it's going to be 'different'.... I am responsible for my happiness and contentment... more creative time, less work.... hugs to all of us in the trenches, and for those that are no longer there....

i think most of us fear the unknown, as in how we'll ever reconstruct our lives in this hard economy once our elder care has concluded. with all the newfound time and energy at our disposal, you will recover. i have never been so busy in my life and doors keep opening. good things happen to good people imo. im going to move to siberia this year and emjo and i are going to have 3 daughters. they are all going to be bitchin stonemasons. girls work smarter, boys have too much unwarranted attitude / ego..

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