Happy New Year one and all.
Does it seem like we are getting lots of trolls and troll- questions, or is it just me and falls under the file marked "You can't make this stuff up".
Speaking of.............
There is a podcast I found called Criminal that is wonderful. Not blood and gore and cases of dead folks, but more the argument about spiritualism between Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sort of thing. Anyway, there is one I think most of you would love. It is episode # 173 named Family Money and first aired September 2021. You can easily find it in their archives. I hope. All about a woman whose family goes to was pilfering her money (all some 50 million of it) and one granddaughter who saves the day. Happy listening.
Let's all stay healthy out there. If we can do that we can handle all the rest of it.

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Speaking of "you can't make this stuff up" I have to share a news item from yesterday's paper. Since in the end thank God no lasting injuries were sustained or irreparable injustices done I felt free to laugh until I wept.

'White pensioner tasered as Met hunted a black suspect aged 30'
Roy Morton, 80, a former ballet dancer, who lives alone and has a heart condition, was apparently mistaken for a 6' black man in his thirties who was reported to have attacked a woman and be in possession of a firearm. In short armed police went to his house at seven in the morning, broke down the front door, and did not realise their mistake until after they had tasered, tackled to the floor and handcuffed the understandably shocked and confused elderly father of two.

They still arrested him and kept him under guard when he asked to be taken to hospital to have his pacemaker checked, and it wasn't until six that evening that he was "told about the mix-up" and released from police custody.

Scotland Yard stated: "Police were called at around 06:45 hours on 28 December to a report of a firearm seen at an address in [part of London]. A complaint has been received in relation to this matter and a voluntary referral has been made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct."

hugs to everyone!! :)
wishing us all a happy friday :).

regarding trolls...i just received a private message, saying the person (Mrs. Mary Kenneth) has cancer, wants to deposit money in my account, etc.

i reported the message.
watch out everyone, for these scams/fraud/bad people.

Happy new year to you as well, Alva!

I agree about the trolls. I always think people should be too busy for such things but then wonder if engaging in such things is what gives them purpose? I will never understand it.

Anyway, thanks for the suggested content. After a few minutes listening it seems quite clever.

Happy new year Alva! Thanks for sharing. And yes, it sure seems the trolls are out in abundance

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